Above is John Cena's appearance on this week's Off The Top Rope segment on ESPN, which will move to Wednesdays starting next week. Cena talked about the WWE Draft and called it "a historic night," comparing SmackDown and RAW to the AFC and NFC.

Cena discussed hosting the ESPYs last week, and noted that it was "very, very nerve-wracking." He called the experience "a lot of fun" and noted that there were a lot of great moments on the show.

Cena talked about meeting Peyton Manning and he said that commended Manning for how he conducts himself on and off the field.

Cena talked about NXT, and said that NXT led to the brand extension. Cena said that WWE has never had a roster like this, and said that it's the best time for WWE.

Coach asked about the popularity of Enzo & Cass. Cena said that while you have to be entertaining, to make it long term, you have to be authentic and that they're authentic.

Cena was also asked about Brock Lesnar testing positive for a banned substance in two tests for his UFC 200 fight with Mark Hunt. Cena noted that there was a lot of hype for the fight, and he was on SportsCenter himself hyping the bout. He noted that he rooting for Lesnar since he was the underdog, and Lesnar "ended up doing well."

"Anytime something like that comes out - anytime - it certainly affects your perception of the event," Cena said. "There's no way that people aren't going to perceive Brock Lesnar differently. When something like this happens, you set yourself a long, hard road ahead of you, and Brock's got a long, hard road ahead of him."

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