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Tonight's match-ups include Samoa Joe vs. Rhyno, Bayley vs. Nia Jax, and American Alpha vs. Authors of Pain.

Tom Phillips welcomes us to NXT and we head right to the ring...

Rhyno vs. NXT Champion Samoa Joe

A battle of the big guys begins. Rhyno looks for a shoulder block and Joe stands his ground. Rhyno goes for a second one but still no luck. Third time is the charm as Rhyno finally takes down the champ. Joe fights out of the corner with strikes and chops but is quickly shut down. Momentum swings back to Joe with a shoulder to Rhyno in the corner. After a series of power moves, Joe goes for the first cover of the match for a two. Joe with a big Irish Whip to the corner on Rhyno that takes him down. Joe follows up with a big elbow drop and a cover for two. Joe puts a claw on the right trap of the gore machine as Rhyno fights out. Joe hits an inverted atomic drop and the two begin trading blows. Rhyno takes advantage and hits a belly-to-belly on Samoa Joe. Rhyno lines up the Gore and gets a boot to the face. Rhyno goes for another corner attack but is spiked down by Joe with authority. Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch! Rhyno taps fairly quickly giving the W to the champ, Samoa Joe.

Winner via Submission: Samoa Joe

We go backstage to an interview with Asuka. She is asked who she would rather face to defend her NXT Women's Championship. Asuka said she would face Nia Jax, Bayley, or both!

We get a look at last night's WWE Draft and all the NXT picks. Very cool that they edited this in. NXT picks were Finn Balor, American Alpha, Nia Jax, Alexa Bliss, Mojo Rawley, and Carmella.

We head back to the ring for tag team action...

American Alpha vs. Authors of Pain

American Alpha makes their entrance but are attacked by the Authors of Pain on their way down the ramp. Graves puts over AOP noting we need more than just referees to remove them from the arena. Paul Ellering appears and is proud of his new clients' work. AOP may be new to the game, but they are behemoths. We head to break to see if we get a match after they dismantled American Alpha.

GM William Regal comes out to check on things and American Alpha say they're ready to fight. They head to the ring and clean house as AOP regroups. The official finally gains enough control to have the timekeeper ring the bell. Double Suplex early from Alpha to AOP. Gable bridges to a cover but only a one. AOP takes back over. Nice double team move toss into a bear hug. Other AOP member runs the ropes and lands a clubbing blow to the back of Gable. Smart and quick tags from AOP punishing a near lifeless Chad Gable. The crowd tries to get behind Gable and is able to escape to tag Jason Jordan. Jordan's hot tag is fantastic. Jordan puts his power on display with a series of suplexes to both members of AOP. Jordan makes the cover but only a one. Jordan bounces off the ropes but is able to makes the tag to Gable. My goodness, Gable just suplexed a 300-pounder. AOP takes control back and lines up their finisher. Jordan grabs a leg to prevent their demise. Action is getting chaotic as Jason Jordan flies over the top rope for a dive! Gable goes for a baseball slide, but is called out at the plate by AOP as he grabs Gables legs and swings him into the LED board. Jordan attempts the save but is sent into the steps. Back in the ring, AOP finishes Gable with a teamwork Russian Leg Sweep Clothesline for the three count and the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Authors of Pain

We go backstage as Cathy Kelly asks The Revival what is next for them. They say they have beaten everyone, but Gargano and Ciampa step in and say that they have beaten The Revival, but have yet to hold the NXT Tag Titles. The Revival clinks their belts and we head to commercial.

We get a promo for Hideo Itami's return in two weeks.

We return to the ring where Tough Enough's Patrick Clark is already in the ring dressed quite patriotically as he waits for his opponent, Austin Aries!

Patrick Clark vs. Austin Aries

They lock up and Aries takes early control but Clark showing some nice in-ring prowess as he evens the odds and they go to a stalemate. Aries sends Clark to the corner and breaks him down with a series of punches and forearms and culminates it with a drop kick that sends Clark outside. Clark goes for a springboard forearm and his met by a forearm of Aries'. Aries hits a unique knee buster of sorts into a body drop that leads him into the Last Chancery. Clark taps immediately in his televised debut.

Winner via Submission: Austin Aries

After the match, No Way Jose comes out and begins beating down Aries. I like this new aggressive side of Jose as the officials separate them.

Nia Jax vs. Bayley

Nia Jax showing some nice quickness as she escapes early offense from Bayley. Jax sends Bayley into the top turnbuckle with Snake Eyes and promptly throws Bayley out of the ring in search of a count out. Bayley comes back in but is directly put back down with a series of power moves from Nia Jax. Multiple whips to the corner from Jax to Bayley with shots to the midsection. Bayley moves out of the way from an attack and takes it to Jax with a barrage of strikes. The advantage doesn't last long as Jax sends Bayley out of the ring. We head to a break.

Back from the break with Nia Jax still in firm control. Multiple tosses and slams to Bayley from Jax. After another failed comeback, Bayley sent right back out to the ring. Bayley returns to the ring at a nine! Bayley getting tossed around like a rag doll once again and Nia Jax attempts to throw Bayley out for a fourth time. Bayley reverses and sends Jax out. Bayley hits a big flying clotheline from the apron but can't maintain control. Jax goes for an attack into the stairs but Bayley escapes! Jax stays out for about a 6 count. Bayley hits a neck breaker with Jax in between the ropes and follows it up with a fiery drop kick. Jax still won't go down. Bayley hits a cross body from the top rope and finally takes Jax down for a two count. Jax goes for a powerbomb but Bayley reverses into a roll-up cover for a two! Nia Jax lifts up Bayley and hits a Jack Hammer (Jax Hammer?) that wakes up the crowd for a two and a half! I love that new wrinkle. Jax goes to the second rope and Bayley follows to lock Jax up for the Bayley-To-Belly from the second rope for the big win!

Winner via Pinfall: Bayley

Bayley celebrates as we go off the air. Thanks for joining us for NXT!

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