John Cena has been added to four U.S. house shows for WWE, his ones since the live events in New York earlier this month. According to the live events schedule on, they are:

* Monday, August 29 - Texarkana, AR
* Saturday, September 24 - Hershey, PA
* Sunday, September 25 - State College, PA
* Monday, September 26 - Wheeling, WV

Note that the two Monday dates are non-televised live events that will take place while Monday Night RAW airs live on the USA Network. The August 29 date is the earliest Monday SmackDown house show currently on the schedule going head-to-head with a RAW taping.

We earlier reported Cena has been added to a house show in Manila, Philippines, on September 9. The day before he was already scheduled for an event in Shanghai, China.

It's not clear when house shows will start featuring brand-specific talent just yet. House shows last weekend in Newark, Delaware; Wildwood, New Jersey; and Salisbury, Maryland, all featured talent from both brands.

House show lineups for this weekend in Knoxville, Tennessee; Savannah, Georgia; Asheville, North Carolina; and Augusta, Georgia, are all advertising wrestlers from both brands as well. Of course, any of this could change as WWE could rearrange the lineups at the last-minute.

It appears later on, however, the house show lineups will become brand specific. For example, the September 26 show in Wheeling, West Virginia, is currently only advertising SmackDown talent.

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