As noted, WWE is releasing real Booty-Os cereal and an exclusive t-shirt for WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day through FYE stores. The cereal will be available on August 5th but can be pre-ordered on at this link. The regular price is $12.99 per box while the FYE member price is $11.69. The t-shirts are $21.99 each or you can purchase a t-shirt/cereal combo for $25.99. The product description for the cereal reads like this:

"Get your recommended daily value of Positivity, Unicorn Magic, and Trombone music! All part of a balanced New Day Breakfast! This delicious and nutritious New Day cereal comes with marshmallow shaped booty crowns, unicorn horns and rainbow hearts. Just add milk and feel the power!"

"There's no better way to start The New Day! We've teamed up with WWE to bring you an exclusive Booty O's t-shirt & cereal so you can start your day with the recommended daily value of Positivity, Unicorn Magic and Trombone music! Get yours today and don't be booty!"

Below is a photo of the box, which includes a cut-out unicorn mask on the back, and the combo pack:

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