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Welcome to tonight's NXT. Glad you could hang out with us this evening. Tom Phillips welcomes us to tonight's episode. Shinsuke Nakamura's music hits for a huge pop to kick things off with a bang. Out comes Wesley Blake with a new piano slow jam theme song. Quite the opposite from dubstep.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Wesley Blake

Fans not buying the new music as a "Nakamura" chant quickly drums up along with a serenading of Shinsuke's theme. Blake has an acrobatic exchange and blows Nakamura a kiss. Nakamura catches them and doesn't like the stench. He throws them down and stomps them out like a bad cigarette. From a bad cigarette, we go to Good Vibrations, not once, but twice. Blake lands a big clothesline that takes down the Japanese star and maintains control with a rear chin lock. Blake goes to mock Nakamura, and that spells bad news for the former tag champ. Nakamura drapes Blake across the ropes and hits the big knee lift followed by a reverse exploder. Nakamura lines up Blake for the Kinshasa and it connects! One, two, and three. Nakamura gets the victory.

Winner via Pinfall: Shinsuke Nakamura

After the match, Mr. William Regal comes out to announce that the main event of NXT Takeover: Back to Brooklyn will be Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Samoa Joe for the NXT Championship!

We take a look at the band "Of Mice and Men," who will provide the theme for NXT Brooklyn.

Billie Kay vs. Santana Garret

Both ladies debut a slightly new look and theme song. Quick toss over the shoulders by BK for early control, but quickly reversed as Garret ducks a tackle and delivers a drop kick. Billie Kay throws a big right hand and covers for a two. BK using her long legs with a choke and breaks at four. The aussie lady looking strong laying in stiff kicks and strikes. Santana Garret breaks a hold and pushes Billie Kay to the corner. Garret lands a jumping back elbow. She goes for a second but misses. Billie Kay turns around and lands a big boot for the three count and win.

Winner via Pinfall: Billie Kay

We go backstage with Bayley and Mr. Regal. Bayley wants her rematch with Asuka at Takeover: Brooklyn. Regal says he will check with Asuka. If she has no objections, he will draw up the papers and make it official.

TM-61 vs. Rob Rizin and Adrian Nails

Thorn starts off against Nails, but TM-61 makes several quick tags in combination with athletic double team moves. Standing moonsault and dropping the fist to the face of Nails. Nails able to scoot to the corner for the tag to Rizin, who may be a distant cousin to Terra Rizin. The red haired assassin gets control with a headlock, but not for long. Miller comes in and drives Nails into the canvas with a hammer of a spinebuster. Another tag made by TM-61 and finishes Nails with Thunder Valley for the win. A bit of respect between TM61 and the enhancements. Nice touch.

Winners via Pinfall: TM-61

We take a look back at the attack on No Way Jose from Austin Aries last month followed by the more focused Jose attacking Aries just a couple weeks ago.

Hideo Itami video package touting his return, which he will make next week!

No Way Jose vs. Steve Cutler

Big reaction from the Full Sail crowd for Jose. Cutler gets a full entrance with theme to match his military background. Big "Jose" chants as the bell rings. Cutler gets into a waist lock but Jose dances his way out. Cutler gets in some offense and slaps Jose, which brings out a new side of Jose. No way Cutler should have tried that one! Jose with the baseball swing style double arm chops followed by the big pitching right hand. Jose hits him with his version of a Full Nelson Slam for the win.

Winner via Pinfall: No Way Jose

After the match, Jose takes the mic and talks about Aries and how he tried to help him. Jose says Aries has went from the "greatest man that ever lived to the biggest coward in NXT" and vows to whoop his you know what. I like this new Jose. Good promo!

We head back to the ring for more singles action.

Buddy Murphy vs. Kota Ibushi

Murphy out with the familiar dubstep and ridiculous camera shakes. Crowd pops huge for Ibushi as a nice surprise for the NXT crowd. Love Ibushi's theme, very WWE ready. The two lock up and Murphy with the early edge with shoulder tackles. Ibushi catches Murphy with a drop kick followed by another kick and rounds it out with a standing moonsault. Murphy rolls out of the ring to hit the reset button. Ibushi heads to the outside but Murphy catches him and sweeps the legs onto the apron and regains control inside the ring. Kota backs Murphy into the corner to break up the hold but is unsuccessful the first two times. Third time is the charm, but Murphy quickly gets back into it. Running knees from Murphy into the cover for a two. Murphy taunting Ibushi which leads to Kota unleashing some vicious strikes. German suplex into a bridge cover for a two and a half. Ibushi heads to the top. Misses a moonsault but lands on his feet. Murphy lands a kick and sends Kota into the second turnbuckle head first. Ibushi blocks a superplex and grabs Murphy from the ropes. Ibushi lifts Murphy for a big Sit Out Power Bomb for the three and the win. Nice showing by both guys there.

Winner via Pinfall: Kota Ibushi

Samoa Joe backstage where an interviewer tracks him down. Joe seems surprised by the announcement that he will face Nakamura at NXT Takeover Brooklyn and vows to fix it as he storms out.

Bobby Roode makes his televised NXT debut next week!

Back inside Full Sail Arena where NXT Champ Samoa Joe heads to the ring. Joe isn't thrilled about the announcement and says the match won't happen since Mr. Regal did not consult him first and calls Nakamura an undeserving contender. William Regal returns and is not a good mood himself. He says his decision is final, as he is the GM. Joe says he had to jump through hoops and beat the entire roster to become champ and says they need to work out a deal in the back to find a new #1 contender. Regal says that Joe will forfeit the title if he refuses to fight. Joe finally accepts the challenge and promises to decimate Nakamura at Takeover. Enter Shinsuke Nakamura stage right! Shinsuke with his antics and mind games from the stage as Joe looks semi-confused and focused at the same time as we head off the air.

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