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On episode 91 of Sam Roberts' Wrestling Podcast, Matt Hardy offered up an in character interview on the show. Hardy explained that his current run as 'Broken' Matt Hardy is attempting to emphasize the entertainment element of sports entertainment. Also, Hardy claimed that the WWE Monday Night RAW segment with The New Day confronting The Wyatt Family at the faction's compound was copying TNA's offbeat Final Deletion special. Finally, Hardy said that current TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Lashley, will be the next person to be deleted.

During the interview, Hardy indicated that what he is doing now in his current TNA run is bigger than professional wrestling. Moreover, Hardy's goal is to focus on the entertainment aspect of professional wrestling.

"Now, I have extended professional wrestling. I think professional wrestling has almost been stale over the last few years because these outspoken, arrogant ants, they like to get on the Internet, they type in the keys over and over and they're very opinionated. They have made wrestling into something where it is like 'five stars is what the match should be' or 'it's terrible' or 'it has to be some kind of athletic contest full of spot monkeys'. That is what these people want. I am bringing wrestling back to a different universe, where it is more entertainment. I am going to base it off entertainment and I put the 'fun' in 'dysfunctionality'."

On the subject of The New Day/Wyatt Family confrontation at the Wyatts' compound, Hardy stated that it was copied from Final Deletion and that WWE, with all of its resources, failed to put together a segment with heart and soul.

"I saw that blasphemy, that sacrilege. Nero, Wyatts, I know what they're doing. Oh, they are copying. They are mimicking. They saw the greatness of The Final Deletion. I went out and I deleted Brother Nero, the man who was a thorn in my side. They tried to jump on it, thinking they could use WWE and McMahon and his money to produce some masterpiece that could blow away what we put together as Final Deletion. That is not what is going to happen because ours was truly heart and soul."

Hardy said that he has Lashley and his championship title in his sights.

"I think the next person on my list to delete will be Bobby Lashley. The man who currently holds the title of the world in TNA." Hardy continued, "I deserve to be the champion of the world. I am the only man at TNA that can carry that title and actually hold it the right way. At the beginning of the year, that is how I started the year off as holding the title of the world. And now Bobby Lashley is walking around with my title and that is possibly the only thing that can make me whole and stronger, even stronger than I am now currently, holding that title."

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