A new Superstars opening video featuring only Monday Night RAW stars (set to the same theme as before) kicks off the show after the usual WWE signature. Sin Cara makes his entrance as Tom Philips and Corey Graves check in on commentary. Bo Dallas makes his entrance, reverting back to his Bo-Lieve gimmick.

Bo Dallas vs. Sin Cara

Bo Dallas rolls to the outside of the ring after the bell rings, shouting "Bo-Train," as he starts circling the ring. Sin Cara goes for a baseball slide, Bo ducks it. Sin Cara runs at Bo, but Bo launches him into a headstand on the ring apron. Sin Cara hits a headscizzors on Bo at ringside. Sin Cara rolls Bo into the ring. Bo attempts to attack Sin Cara, but Sin Cara moves out of the way before kicking Bo and ascending the turnbuckle. Bo rolls to the other side of the ring before Sin Cara can attempt a Senton. Bo pulls Sin Cara's neck down on the top rope from the ring apron prior to clotheslining him. Bo pins Sin Cara for a two count, before kneeing him on the mat several times. Boo pins Sin Cara for another two count. Bo locks in a headlock. Bo throws Sin Cara to the mat before going for the cover twice. Bo locks in another headlock. Bo maintains control until being Irish Whipped into the corner by Sin Cara. Sin Cara kicks Bo before hitting a springboard cross body. Sin Cara hits a springboard elbow to Bo shortly after. Sin Cara ducks a clothesline and hits a springboard Asai Moonsault before pinning Bo for a two count. Bo reverses an Irish Whip into the corner into an Irish Whip of his own prior to clotheslining Sin Cara. Sin Cara hits a modified slam before climbing to the top turnbuckle. Sin Cara hits a Senton prior to pinning Bo for the win.

Winner: Sin Cara

A recap of the opening of Monday Night RAW is shown, featuring RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon and RAW General Manager Mick Foley announcing the creation of the WWE Universal Championship as well as Finn Balor's first win on the main roster in a Fatal Four Way also involving Kevin Owens, Cesaro and United States Champion Rusev, advancing him to the main event of RAW to face the winner of the other Fatal Four Way for the right to face Seth Rollins for the new title at SummerSlam.

A recap of the Women's Championship Match from RAW is shown featuring Sasha Banks winning the title from Charlotte.

The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von), Titus O'Neil and Jack Swagger make their entrances.

Jack Swagger & Titus O'Neil vs. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von)

Bubba and Swagger start the match. Swagger takes Bubba down. Bubba tags in D-Von. Swagger hits a modified slam to take D-Von down. D-Von elbows Swagger in the face. Swagger ducks a clothesline and a chop before hitting a shoulder block on D-Von. D-Von ends up hitting a forearm to the face of Swagger prior to tagging Bubba back in. Bubba attacks Swagger, keeping him in the heel corner, before tagging D-Von back in. D-Von punches Swagger on the mat before pinning him for a one count. D-Von locks in a chinlock. Swagger and D-Von exchange punches, before D-Von gains the upperhand and sends Swagger to the mat. D-Von tags Bubba back in. Bubba hits a modified slam, before spinning around on Swagger's back. Bubba exclaims "We the Dudleyz!" Bubba throws Swagger to the outside. D-Von slams Swagger's head onto the mat prior to rolling him back into the ring as we head into a commercial break.

Swagger is punching Bubba in the ring, as well as D-Von on the ring apron as we come back from the commercial break. Bubba hits another modified slam to take Swagger to the mat. Bubba hits several forearms to the head of Swagger before tagging D-Von back in. D-Von goes for the cover after hitting his spinning shoulder block, but Swagger's arm is under the rope. D-Von tags Bubba back in prior to them hitting a double clothesline on Swagger. Bubba punches Swagger several times before Swagger hits a modified suplex and tags in Titus O'Neil. Bubba tags D-Von in. Titus hits a shoulder block and a clothesline on D-Von. Titus ends up hitting D-Von with another clothesline. Titus splashes D-Von in the corner prior to clotheslining Bubba off the apron. Titus hits a big boot it D-Von before pinning him for a two count. Bubba gets tagged in as the Dudley Boyz hit their reverse 3D-like neck breaker. Bubba pins Titus for a two count. Bubba punches Swagger, sending him off the apron. Bubba hits a scoop slam on Titus. Bubba tags D-Von, as they attempt their "Whassup" maneuver. Swagger pushes D-Von off the turnbuckle before Swagger throws Bubba out of the ring. Titus hits the Clash of The Titus and pins D-Von for the win.

Winners: Titus O'Neil & Jack Swagger

A recap of Roman Reigns winning the second Fatal Four Way from RAW also involving Sami Zayn, Sheamus and Chris Jericho is shown, with Reigns advancing to the main event of RAW.

A recap of the main event from RAW is then shown to close the show featuring Finn Balor beating Roman Reigns for the opportunity to face Seth Rollins at SummerSlam for the WWE Universal Championship.

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