Airing in syndication and Comet TV on Wednesdays

Taped 6/25 Cabarrus Center Concord, North Carolina

The show opens with a recap of the actions last week by The Bullet Club in their attempt to sabotage the ROH world title main event. Adam Cole and The Young Bucks injured Kyle O'Reilly at the start and end of the show after his match with Lethal. Clip was shown of Nigel McGuinness declaring that Adam Cole would never be allowed to challenge for the ROH title because of his actions towards O'Reilly.

Jay Lethal starts off the show demanding to respond to what transpired last week. Lethal tells the audience that it wasn't right what happened to Kyle last week. How the Bullet Club stole Kyle's chance to compete for the title. Jay also states that he was upset that he had to defend the title under those circumstances. Jay addresses ROH matchmaker, Nigel McGuinness, who is at ringside doing commentary with Kevin Kelly. Lethal asks for this weeks main event to be changed from The Briscoes vs The Bucks to a 6 man tag with himself teaming with Jay and Mark Briscoe against Adam Cole and The Young Bucks. Nigel accepts the proposal and books the new main event.

After a commercial break. A video package is shown of Steve Corino and Kevin Sullivan seated together in what appears to be Corino's backyard. Corino asks Sullivan why he betrayed him. As Sullivan gives his response to Corino. Flashes are shown on screen of Corino's match with BJ Whitmer and Corino's family. Sullivan tells him that BJ is the chosen one and not Steve and that he needs to make the right decision and get out of Whitmer's way.

Back in the ring is The Getalong Gang and their leader, "P Dogg". Just a little background, The Getalong Gang is a large indy faction that just recently joined ROH. It is compromised of 6 wrestlers and 2 valets all dressed in hip hop gear. P Dogg looks like a young version of Scotty 2 Hotty. Anyway.... P Dogg is in the ring beat boxing and he calls out Moose for a match, who arrives with his manager Stokley Hathaway.


The most notable aspect of this match is the fact that Moose has now wrestled for two different promotions in the last two weeks on tv. Of course here with ROH and just this past Thursday on TNA's Impact Wrestling. Not the first and he won't be the last because of how ROH and TNA tape their shows in advance. This was taped over a month ago. Complete squash match. Moose took out the entire gang and finished off P Dogg with a spear.


Post match, Out comes Moose's former manager Prince Nana with Donovan Dijak. Nana compliments Moose and his former apprentice Stokley Hathaway. Nana brought Moose into ROH and he offers up the challenge of Donovan Dijak. Moose accepts and that match is up next.


We return from the break and this match has just started. Dropkick by Moose sends Dijak to the outside. Moose is dominating the action on the outside until Dijak turns the tables and choke slams Moose into the ring apron. Back in the ring now. Dijak hits a firemans carry into a power bomb for a near fall on Moose. As Dijak goes to the top rope. Moose shows off his athleticism with a standing drop kick that knocks Dijak to the outside. Dijak gets back in the ring and Moose hits a sit out power bomb for a near fall. This turns into a slugfest between both men. Eventually, Moose hits the game breaker on Donovan but misses the spear. Dijak wins this match with his finisher "feast your eyes". For those who have not seen it. It's a variation of the GTS but it starts with the opponent in a torture rack position. This was a simple big man match but it was pretty solid for what it was.


After the match. The medics are checking on Moose who appears to have a concussion. Nana goes to shake his apprentice Stokley Hathaway's hand. As Prince turns his back to Hathaway, He signals to Dijak, who does a bicycle kick on Hathaway and knocks him out.

The announcers state that our main event is coming up next.

The Addiction are backstage in front of The ROH banner. Christopher Daniels states that ROH has the best tag team division in wrestling. How they are the ROH champs while the Briscoes are IWGP champs and that the Bucks are IWGP junior tag champs. Frankie Kazarian gives all the teams permission to worship them. Daniels finishes the promo by stating that they are the best in the "Bizz A Ness". Funny stuff as always from these two.

Back from the commercial break. A recap is shown of what took place at Global Wars and how the Bullet Club interfered in The Jay Lethal-Colt Cabana match. Next week, ROH TV's main event will be a rematch from that show. Labeled Global Wars 2. Jay Lethal vs Colt Cabana for the ROH world title.

The Cabinet comprised of Caprice Coleman, Kenny King and Rhett Titus are backstage and they address the nation of their latest campaigns. To fix The Young Bucks problem. They are going to build a wall around them and make them pay for it with their t shirt sales money. The Cabinet plans on ridding ROH of wrestlers that don't deserve to be in the company. Caprice Coleman takes a shot at Moose and says they would cut him but Moose is already used to being cut. A shot of course at how Moose was released in the NFL.

We are back at ringside for the introductions of the 6 man main event. Matt Taven joins the broadcast team on commentary. He proceeds to immediately insult The Bullet Club. Nigel McGuinness tells Kevin Kelly that he has told security to be on guard and rush the ring immediately if The Bullet Club starts to resort to the types of actions they took last week.



This match starts with all 6 men brawling. Lethal and the Briscoes get the advantage. They hit stereo suicide dives on the Club. The 6 man brawl continues on the outside. Lethal and Mark set up a table for Jay to power bomb Adam Cole through it but the Bucks stop him and start an early superkick party to take out their opponents. Action is back in the ring and The Bullet Club is now in full advantage. Tagging in and out and triple teaming Jay Briscoe in their corner for a few minutes. Jay finally rallies, hits a Samoan drop on Matt Jackson. Jay makes a hot tag to his brother Mark. He comes in and takes out all 3 members of the Bullet Club. Adam Cole is now left alone in the ring and Lethal and The Briscoes start doing tandem offensive maneuvers on him. As Mark climbs to the top rope, The Bucks recover and push Mark on to the table that was setup on the outside earlier. Mark is laid out and being checked on by officials as we go to the break.

Back from the break. Mark is hurt but refusing to be taken to the back. Security is on the scene to try and get Mark to leave. He won't. Nigel McGuinness says that he doesn't want security to leave the ringside area so he is going to try and take Mark back to the locker room himself. Nigel leaves the broadcast table and eventually is able to take Mark to the back.

Action still going on in the ring. The Bullet Club has the 3 to 2 edge and they are taking advantage of it. Jay Lethal is isolated in the corner while The Bucks and Cole take turns beating up on him. Lethal eventually starts to fight back against the double and triple teaming and makes the hot tag to Jay Briscoe. Jay Briscoe clears house with a superkick party of his own and hits a neck breaker on Cole for a near fall. After one last commercial break, We return to the action and Jay Lethal is now in ring battling it out with The Bucks. A double superkick takes Lethal out but Jay Briscoe comes in and takes out The Jacksons by himself. Adam Cole now intervenes and lays out Briscoe but Lethal rises to his feet and hits a Lethal Injection on Cole. Matt Jackson runs to try and rescue Cole but is rolled up by Lethal for the pinfall.


Post match. The Bullet Club attacks Lethal and Briscoe.Adam Cole gets a hold of a steel chair and nails Briscoe with it. Cole sets up the chair in the ring to repeat what they did to O'Reilly last week. Cole does a Jay driller to Jay Briscoe on the steel chair and knocks him out. All 3 bullet club members then superkick Lethal. Lethal is draped unconscious on the ropes. The Bucks hold Lethal's arms while Adam Cole cuts Jay Lethal's hair and shaves his head bald. Cole grabs the title and says he is going to make it his. As the show comes to an end.

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