Source: Sam Roberts' Wrestling Podcast

Recently, on Sam Roberts' Wrestling Podcast, WWE's Karl Anderson was a guest on the show. Anderson talked about why the members of The Club did not have to have a stint on NXT and looking forward to working with Finn Bálor on WWE's main roster.

Apparently, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, and AJ Styles were all open having runs in NXT, but it never came up throughout their contract negotiations with WWE.

"It never came up in our contract negotiations and it was never something that we were against doing because I would have gladly [gone to NXT] if they wanted me to or needed me to. Whatever the WWE wanted me to do, I would have done because I felt like, if they're going to give me this opportunity, I know that we can do it. I would have gone, man. It just never came up when they called and offered me my job, NXT was never an option."

On the subject of Bálor, Anderson said that he suspected that Triple H held off on The Demon's main roster debut because he wanted to do something special with him. Anderson went on to state that he is hoping to work with Bálor in WWE, either with him or especially as an opponent.

"If there's an opportunity for [Bálor] to work with us, or I get a chance to work against him, which would be even sweeter, because we've got a lot of chemistry in the ring against each other. A lot of people don't even know that with the Bullet Club stuff, but I can't wait for him to get on the road with us."

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