Source: Bear Hug It Out Podcast

As noted, Daniel Bryan has been doing media this morning to promote tonight's SmackDown at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN. As seen in the video above, Bryan appeared on the Bear Hug It Out podcast and talked about the WWE World Championship being in SmackDown.

"It's great having the only real World Champion on SmackDown," Bryan admitted. He then added that he's not against RAW for creating a title, noting that they will be doing it for the women on SmackDown.

"We are taking our time with it to make sure that we do it right," Bryan said.

He mocked RAW for creating the Universal title the very next night after Battleground and dubbing it the "Universal Championship."

"We're making a title that's even bigger called the Universal title! It's bigger! You're the champion of the Galaxy!" Bryan said facetiously. He did then admit that it's good that RAW has their own championship.

When asked which star is currently under the radar, Bryan replied that it's a tough question but noted that American Alpha will be debuting tonight on SmackDown.

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