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* Hideo Itami defeated CWC competitor Sean Maluta. Itami received huge "welcome back" chants. This was a good match and a nice showing for Maluta. Itami won with the running single-leg dropkick

* Backstage segment with Bayley. She says it's time for her to adapt and prepare for NXT Women's Champion Asuka. Bayley says she's been watching Asuka. Asuka interrupts and tells Bayley to watch first hand

* Asuka defeated Aliyah. Before the match, Asuka took a chair and put it at the bottom of the ramp, then dared Bayley to come sit in it. Bayley folded the chair up and watched from ringside. Asuka kicked Aliyah in mid-air but stopped the count at two so she could apply the Asuka Lock for the win. She doesn't let the hold go, prompting Bayley to come in and break it up. Asuka taunts Bayley with the belt as she checks on Aliyah. Bayley helps Aliyah to the back

* Bobby Roode comes out for a promo and says the wait is finally over, and he is NXT. He says Dallas showed him NXT was for him. He says the phrase "We Are NXT" applies to the fans too. Roode says he's here to take NXT and the fans to the next level and that NXT and the fans need Bobby Roode. He's the man to expand the brand and make it a global powerhouse. He will be featured on billboards, commercials, and everywhere. He will make NXT a better place. Roode says presidents, vice presidents and businessmen will soon fill the NXT Arena, not the loser fans here right now. He says he's a superstar because he looks and acts like one. Roode ends it by saying he is at the helm of the new NXT, and from here on, NXT will be

* NXT Tag Team Champions Dash and Dawson defeated TM-61 in a good match. CWC competitors Tony Nese, Drew Gulk and Zack Sabre Jr. were brought to ringside for this match. The Revival gets the win when Dash pulls Shane off the apron, leading to Nick chasing him around the ring but Dawson hit him with a DDT when he came back in. After the match, the champions cut a promo running down who they've beat. They're interrupted by Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano, who come out wearing their Pro Wrestling Tees shirts. They do comedy, including some Pokemon jokes. They want to college the NXT Tag Team Titles and say The Revival hasn't beat them. Dash and Dawson tell them to go back to their basements. A brawl breaks out, and Gargano and Ciampa hit their double team move. They cover Dash for a three count, then celebrate with the titles before laying them back down for The Revival to retrieve

* Sabre, Nese, and Gulak are still at ringside

* Mojo Rawley vs. Chris Atkins ended in a No Contest when Samoa Joe ran out and destroyed both men. Joe says he doesn't feel the need to consult with William Regal when he wants to rampage allover his show. Joe promises to destroy Shinsuke Nakamura. Mojo runs back in and lays Joe out but Joe attacks him on the ramp and locks in the Clutch until referees pull him off

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