Source: Shanghai Daily

Big Show recently spoke with Shanghai Daily to promote the upcoming WWE show in China this September. The full interview is at this link and below are highlights:

Preferring to play a babyface:

"I get to hug the kids and high-five them on the way to the ring. I love kids. Personally, it's a little bit more fun to be a babyface because I get to interact with the fans in a more positive way."

Possibly calling it quits soon:

"I've had a 21-year career. I'm looking forward to retirement actually. It'd be nice to actually see my family. I've earned my limited schedule and now it's the twilight for me. I get to do media, talk to fans, and tour the world and go out with a nice casual wave goodbye; and I'm happy with that."

Confirming the match against NBA Legend Shaquille O'Neal at WrestleMania 33:

"We'll have one heck of a match and we'll see what's up. We'll give the fans a treat."

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