As seen above, this week's sitdown storyline interview with Michael Cole features Seth Rollins. Below are highlights:

* Rollins says he's honored to be the #1 Draft pick but there really wasn't any other option. Rollins says Stephanie McMahon just knows what's best for business and he's proud to be part of the RAW brand

* Cole mentions Rollins getting a bye into the WWE Universal Title match at SummerSlam because of his relationship with Stephanie. Rollins touts his accomplishments and says there was no favoritism involved in him getting the shot without having to go through the nonsense Finn Balor did. Rollins says he did what he had to do and earned his spot in the match, that's all there is to it

* Regarding Balor, Cole brings up how many fans are calling this a dream match. Rollins believes it is but says they came from two different places to get where they are. Rollins says the match has all the makings of a dream match and he's really looking forward to beating Balor. Rollins says he does respect Balor and would be stupid not to. Rollins says Balor is a talented performer but respect only gets you so far. Rollins says he is the best as far as he's concerned and he got into this industry to be the greatest. He's looking at Balor and SummerSlam as just another stepping stone

* Rollins says he isn't worried if he gets Balor or The Demon at SummerSlam. He's never been in the ring with Finn or his alter-ego so it's hard for him to tell what the difference is. Rollins has watched and studied Balor, and seen The Demon, but he just thinks Balor isn't that good. Rollins says he's done all the things Balor has but he did them first and did them better. He says Balor or The Demon can't measure up to the man, Seth Rollins. Rollins says Balor will bring everything he's got but it doesn't matter because it won't be enough and at the end of SummerSlam, Rollins will be the first-ever WWE Universal Champion

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