- Patriots.com has an interview here with Kofi Kingston, who was talking about being a fan of The Patriots. He noted that during football season, all of the wrestlers are watching the NFL.

"During the football offseason, you don't even know that there are TVs that broadcast cable or television in the arenas, but when football is going on, all of a sudden everybody knows where the TVs are," Kofi said with a laugh. "We always find a way. There have been times when somebody's team has been playing, and in the final minutes of the game they'll have to go out for their match. While they're out there, they're having messages sent to refs so the refs can talk trash while the person is in the match, saying 'So and so just scored a touchdown. They're not going to win.' So now you're stressed about that when you should be thinking about the match We don't mess around."

- WWE Cruiserweight Classic stars Zack Sabre Jr. and Kota Ibushi have apparently not signed with WWE. Dave Meltzer reported in The Wrestling Observer Newsletter this week that "almost all indications" point to Zack Sabre Jr. not signing with WWE for the time being. He apparently has been telling people that he's made the decision not to sign with them for now and that he has goals outside of WWE that he wants to achieve. Meltzer also noted that Kota Ibushi has been telling people in Japan that he hasn't signed with WWE, and pointed out that Ibushi didn't say that "he won't sign."

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