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WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart was recently interviewed by Forbes regarding the current WWE product. House Money Studios, Forbes' wrestling contributors, asked the Hitman about the WWE's creative and its writers, as well his thoughts on how they handled Cody Rhodes, among other things. See the full Forbes interview with Bret Hart by clicking here.

Bret Hart agreed with Cody Rhodes' sentiments about WWE Creative and the writers. Bret thinks there is too much talking and everyone sounds the same.

"If you watch wrestling like I do, you watch for the wrestling. There's so much talking. There's some 'twit' back there with a pencil behind his ear writing down all these things for wrestlers to say." Bret continued with his displeasure, "It all starts to sound the same" and "I switch channels as soon as I hear someone going into a big monologue."

Bret criticized the writers creating of the Stardust gimmick. On the writers, "They are wrestling fans but they don't understand wrestling. The only way they can understand wrestling is to be a wrestler and that's not going to happen." Bret later praised Cody Rhodes' wrestling ability.

"Somebody writes down a bunch of lousy things for you to say and it comes across flat, it's not your fault."

Bret compared promos today to the past, where in his era you owned what you said. The current dialogue is not "from your own heart", as Bret put it.

Bret said the writers give wrestlers a script during the day to remember and then a few hours before show time they change the entire thing.

"They come up to you at six and say it's all changed. Here's this, you gotta remember this now."

Bret claimed he has seen guys like John Cena remember pages and pages of material. Bret doesn't know how guys like Cena do it, claiming "it's hard to do."

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