Becky Lynch recently participated in a panel for Mattel at The San Diego Comic Con. 'The Irish Lasskicker' talked about being the first female performer drafted to WWE SmackDown Live, what she would change about WWE's women's division, and who she would like to face in a dream match.

The former Rebecca Knox said that it was an honor to be the first woman drafted to the SmackDown brand, but she doesn't know what will happen as far as championship titles are concerned.

"It was pretty much an honor to be the first woman drafted to SmackDown. And I'm delighted I get to be on it with AJ Styles here. I'm curious [about] what they're going to do with titles. I have no idea, to be honest with you, what they're going to do, because, obviously, that's the reason we're here and what we're fighting for, so I want to be a Women's Champion. So I don't know if we're going to bring our own title [or] if I have to go to RAW and attack Charlotte, seeing as everyone's always attacking me. So it's a big opportunity and I'm excited."

'Maiden Ireland' perceptively stated that she would like to see women in professional wrestling not be depicted as catty backstabbers. Also, she would like to see more than one storyline at a time for the women.

"I think sometimes women were depicted a little bit as catty and we all secretly hate each other, so I think I'd change that. I think sometimes the storyline is as simple as just going to be the best and going for championships and we don't all have to secretly hate each other and attack each other consistently, which you've got to overcome and everything like that and it's fine. I think that's one thing. I'd like more time. I'd like there to be consistently more women's storylines going on at the same time."

If Lynch could face any professional wrestler in a dream match, she would like to square off against the original Tiger Mask.

"I'd go with my favorite [professional] wrestler, Tiger Mask I. So yeah. That would be a hell of a match."

You can watch her appearance in the video above. If you use any of the quotes that appear in this article, please give an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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