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WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart was recently interviewed by Forbes regarding the current WWE product. House Money Studios, Forbes' wrestling contributors, received Hart's opinion on Seth Rollins involvement in the John Cena and Sting injuries. Hart also discussed an issue he has with Shane and Stephanie McMahon on the topic on injuries. See the full Forbes interview with Bret Hart by clicking here.

Bret criticizes Seth Rollins, whom he says had a "mega mega push", and his injury to John Cena's nose. Bret says Rollins is one of the wrestlers today who has lousy execution.

"He [Rollins] knees him the face so hard, and so recklessly, and so dangerously. He could easily kill somebody with a knee like that to the face." Bret later wonders what if Seth Rollins killed Cena right in the ring that day.

On the other hand, Bret praised Cena for finishing the match. Bret said, "It's a testimony to John Cena. A, he finished the match and b, that he didn't get a shotgun and shoot Seth Rollins when he came through the curtain." Bret says in his day you couldn't make those kind of mistakes.

However, Bret compares Cena's nose injury and its recklessness to one of his own.

"Bill Goldberg kicked me in the head and ended my career because he didn't know what he was doing." Bret continued, "You get guys that cost me millions and millions of dollars, cost me my career, probably led to my stroke, and so many things that happened all because somebody didn't know what they were doing." Bret blames the mentality, claiming wrestlers like Goldberg injured their opponents but still received applause backstage.

Bret does not question Rollins being a top star, rather he questions his abilities. "The best wrestlers don't hurt anyone for real." "I wrestled 23 straight years all over the world. My greatest boast is I never wrestled one single wrestler in my career." Bret continues, "The safety of my opponent was critical to me."

In addition to Cena, Bret says Rollins was tough and hard on Sting. "[He] did things to a guy that kind of ended his career a lot faster." Bret says it was disrespectful and you need to take care of a guy like Sting in the ring. Bret blames the new fast pace and style in wrestling today.

Bret says people like Stephanie and Shane McMahon don't understand sport injuries. "They don't understand that when you do these kinds of things, you can kill somebody." Bret continued, "It may look great but you really need to think twice with what you're doing."

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