Taped July 16th at The 2300 Arena In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Airing in syndication and on Comet TV on Wednesday Nights

The show opens with a video recap of last week's actions by the Bullet Club. Where Adam Cole and The Young Bucks beat down ROH World Champ Jay Lethal and shaved his head.

After a new ROH TV opening theme and video airs. Commentators, Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome the audience to the 2300 arena in Philly and hype tonight's show.


The opening match of the show starts with one of the more promising young prospects in the business in Jay White. Will Ferrara gets the early advantage in this match and hits a suicide dive on White on the outside as the show goes to it's first commercial break. Back from the break, Both White and Ferrara have returned to the ring. They both start exchanging strikes as the crowd is firmly behind White. Evenly contested opener that finally swings in Jay White's favor late. The 23 year old White definitely shows off his Japanese training in this match. With his striking skills and in the pace in which he wrestles. The New Zealander hits his finish, The Kiwi Crusher on Ferrara to get the victory.


Preview video is shown of ROH's Death Before Dishonor PPV which takes place on Friday August 19th in Las Vegas. Hyped for the show is New Japan's involvement on the card. Also promoted during this spot is The NEVER Openweight Champion Katsuyori Shibata defending against "The Last Real Man" Silas Young and the ROH TV Title match featuring Bobby Fish taking on Mark Briscoe.


This next segment is supposed to be Bobby Fish's "Fish Tank" show but Mark Briscoe is in the ring already before his host has even arrived. Mark says that the Fish Tank is nothing but communist propaganda and that it's all about mind games. Instead, He welcomes everyone to the first edition of The Chicken Shack. Bobby Fish arrives dressed in a suit and he instantly insults Mark. Bobby Fish says he is dressed like a million bucks while Mark Briscoe looks like an un made bed. The two trade insults as they hype their upcoming ppv match at Death Before Dishonor. This all leads to a brawl between the two when Bobby Fish says that even if Mark wins the TV title from him. Mark will always be known as Jay Briscoe's little brother. Security runs into the ring to break up the brawl to end the segment.

The Addiction are backstage and they brag about being the world's best tag team and how they are going to beat The Motor City Machine Guns and War Machine at the DBD ppv.




This match is built as Global Wars 2. These two men faced each other in an very good match at Global Wars that was disrupted by The Bullet Club. So this match was booked to make up for the inconclusive finish to their first meeting. Jay Lethal is completely bald here. It's a better look than he's had of late but it will take some time getting used to. Ring introductions are made and this is a much better atmosphere and tv crowd than ROH tends to have at times. Philly crowd in good form.

Back from the break. Both Lethal and Cabana adhere to the code of honor and shake hands. The match begins. After a slow exchange early, Lethal gets a great looking drop kick on Cabana that sends Colt to the outside looking to regroup. Cabana re-enters the ring and returns the favor with a dropkick of his own. It sends Lethal to the outside. Jay gets back in the ring and quickly regains the advantage, sends Cabana to the outside and then delivers 3 consecutive suicide dives on Colt as we go to another break.

The match is in now in progress in the ring as the show returns from the break. Colt gets the advantage and borrows some plays from the Ric Flair playbook. Connecting on several chops in the corner and strutting. The fans in Philly are giving Cabana a different reaction than the one he got in Chicago in his first match with Lethal. The crowd is booing Cabana and cheering Lethal as they exchange blows in the middle of the ring. Colt now starts using plays from The Dusty Rhodes playbook. Incorporating Dusty like punches followed by the infamous Bionic Elbow which gets Colt a 2 count on Lethal. Lethal recovers and hits a Lethal Injection on Cabana for a near fall. They battle to the top rope and Colt hits Lethal with a Chicago Sunrise for another near fall as we go to our last commercial break.

Another strange transition after a commercial break where now Lethal is in full control attempting to put Cabana away. He hits a superkick on Cabana, who is staggering now on his feet and then Jay hits another Lethal Injection this time for the victory.


Post match. The philly fans are chanting Best In The World at Jay Lethal. Both Cabana and Lethal rise to their feet and shake hands. Jay Lethal gets on the mic and calls ROH matchmaker Nigel McGuinness into the ring. Lethal demands that he face Adam Cole at Death Before Dishonor. Nigel initially refuses the request because he banned Cole from ever challenging for the world title because of what Cole did injuring Kyle O' Reilly two weeks ago. Out comes Adam Cole. He baits Jay Lethal and says that he is not a true fighting champion. Jay Lethal pleads with Nigel to make the world title match between him and Cole at the ppv. McGuinness eventually grants Jay's request as the show comes to an end.

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