Source: Forbes

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart was recently interviewed by Forbes' House Money Studios regarding the current WWE product. The Hitman discussed how today's wrestling is unsafe, his praise for Cody Rhodes and other wrestlers that are no longer in the WWE, and the lost art of selling. See the full Forbes interview with Hart by clicking here.

Bret says he puts Rhodes in the "excellence of execution" category, stating "every move he does is safe and perfectly executed." Bret continued stating a lot of wrestlers today are unsafe, including Seth Rollins.

Bret describes former wrestlers at the WWE like Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre, and Cody Rhodes as being really skilled, but passed over unjustly by the company.

"I don't know what was wrong with any of those guys. To me those were wrestlers I tuned in to watch."

Bret elaborated on the psychology and quick pace style of the WWE, using Kevin Owens as an example.

"You see Kevin Owens, some of these guys, doing breathtaking moves on each other and they just get back up and do another move."

Bret fears for the worst because of this new wrestling style.

"It's like someone's going to get killed or hurt for real some day with that kind of mentality and philosophy that no one's selling anything all the time. You're starting to see things in wrestling, where it's spinal injuries, it's neck injuries, it's concussion injuries, and that's wrong."

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