- On last night's episode of the Wrestling Inc. Podcast after RAW, Matt Morgan - who joins the show every Monday night - chimed in after our RAW review about Conor McGregor's recent comments ripping on WWE talent. After I noted that Conor seemed to be trolling to get attention because the interest hasn't been there for his UFC 202 fight against Nick Diaz like it has for Conor's previous fights, Morgan noted that he used to be a fan of Conor's but he's now talking crap about his former profession to get his name out.

"A part of that watches him and [thinks] that he really believes his own B.S., he really thinks he is Johnny Toughguy," Morgan said. "I'm not saying every wrestler in the world would beat him up, but I have money on more wrestlers beating his ass than not. My two year old is taller than this kid."

Morgan noted that while pro wrestling is scripted, it is filled with legitimate tough guys "that work hurt non-stop and can throw down," and that this is just a profession they chose as opposed to legitimately fighting. Morgan said that McGregor "would have a tougher time getting on a roller coaster ride than putting a chink in my armor... I would punt that little sawed-off midget piss-ant halfway across Orlando."

Morgan continued to rant on Conor, you can check out his comments about Conor in the video above at the 1:00:30 mark.

- For those wondering if Conor's comments are an elaborate work, Dave Meltzer noted that they are not on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio. People in WWE were not asked to respond to his comments, and everyone that did was doing it on their own. Meltzer noted that "there is no angle for sure" right now, although that can always change down the road. Meltzer also alluded to Conor possibly screwing up "a big business deal" between the UFC and WWE in the process, and that the deal is falling apart. Meltzer didn't specify what the deal was, although the timing is interesting with CM Punk fighting next month at UFC 203 on September 10th.

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