As noted, WWE Champion Dean Ambrose appeared on The Steve Austin Podcast this past Monday. At the end of the interview, Austin challenged Ambrose to not rest on his laurels and to raise the bar, push the envelope and be edgier. Ambrose quickly noted that he was offended by the comment before dropping it, and Austin said that he felt like Ambrose was a little comfortable and felt that he should push the envelope more. Ambrose said that he felt like he was put on blast, but he liked it.

Daniel Bryan and Renee Young discussed Austin's comments on last night's Talking Smack. WWE has yet to post video of the segment, however Bryan noted to Renee that Ambrose was very laid back because of how much he's done before WWE. Bryan noted that Ambrose had been through wars before signing with WWE, and did "some of the craziest stuff" back then.

"He doesn't need Steve Austin to motivate him to be better," Bryan said. "He's motivated himself for a very, very long time. Just because he sits across the desk from you and he's laid back, doesn't mean that out there you should take him lightly."

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