Source: The Steve Austin Show

Recently on The Steve Austin Show, the former black sheep of The Wyatt Family, Braun Strowman, talked about his relationship with Bray Wyatt. Strowman discussed whether he was originally accepted into The Wyatt Family and who he looks to for advice.

When asked whether the rest of The Wyatt Family welcomed him into their faction, Strowman divulged that Bray Wyatt wanted Strowman in the group all along.

"Bray and I have had a special connection, I think, ever since we met. He [has] kind of wanted me since the first time he saw me because him and I, in real life, it's almost scary how much we are alike. He calls me Evil Windham because I pretty much do all the stuff he doesn't do, which is nothing really. But he [has] wanted me since day one and he was ecstatic when he found out, 'here, we're going to give you this guy and I know you've been wanting him, so let's see what happens.'"

Also, Strowman indicated that he seeks advice about professional wrestling from Bray Wyatt. Moreover, Strowman described his split from the group as "heartbreaking".

"I can't put over the fact [enough], like, how much of a factor Bray has been in my [professional wrestling] career. It was kind of almost heartbreaking that they split us up because we ride together, we room together, we eat together, we lift together. We'd make towns and he'd talk about wrestling and tells me what I did that night that looked good, what sucked, what I needed to throw away, what I needed to keep. And then, he gives me matches to watch and 'pick through this and let me know what you think about this' and 'here, oh man, I saw a new idea for a move'. I can't put over the fact about how good of a brother Bray Wyatt is."

During the program, Strowman also spoke about how he was recruited by WWE and what his future goals are with the company. Click here to check out the podcast. If you use any of the quotes that appear in this article, please credit The Steve Austin Show with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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