Source: Channel Guide Mag

Scott Fishman recently interviewed Rosemary of The Decay for Channel Guide Mag. Below are a couple of highlights:

Matt Hardy:

"He is on fire. He is my favorite thing on television right now. I find inspiration from him. I loved the 'Final Deletion.' What is so great about that whole thing and any over-the-top character is to make it work, you have to stay at it. You have to train the audience to show that this is the character. They aren't going to get it right away. So the only way to make something like that work is to go balls out."

Her TNA angle with Bram:

"The way I approach anything is look over to what is to be done and whatever is being taped. I think how I would approach this and the thought process behind it

"I think how I can make this thing creepy. It's not weird. I get along well with Bram, who is easy to work with. That is important for something that can be intimate and somewhat exposing. We are both actors and acted in movies before. It's not like they are bringing in people who have never done any theater or sort of acting work before. So it has been good."

Rosemary also discussed signing with TNA, starring in horror movies, TNA focusing on the women and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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