Source: FOX Sports

Daniel Bryan recently spoke with FOX Sports to promote WWE SmackDown and his job as General Manager. The full interview is at this link and below are highlights:

Obviously you've been around wrestling forever so you probably had a good idea of what you were getting yourself into, but what's been the hardest part of your new role?

"The hardest part actually is not the task of being the GM, it's moreso being around wrestling and not being able to actually wrestle. That's the hardest part. The other stuff is .... I feel like I'm not the greatest general manager in the history of general managers, but I do OK and I'm learning as I go. I try to just do my best with it."

So Raw has the "exclusive" cruiserweight division coming up

"Which is bullcrap, by the way!"

Is there any chance we get to see these CWC guys make it to SmackDown in the future?

"I would love that, there's a couple guys that I would love to take right off the bat. Cedric Alexander had a great showing.... somebody, for example, like Tajiri. Everybody talks about - everybody who has tweeted me - has really been talking about how great Kota Ibushi and Cedric Alexander was, but Tajiri and Gran Metalik, and I never pronounce his name right, they had an awesome match too. And I would love for Tajiri or Gran Metalik to be on SmackDown."

Check out the full interview with Bryan at this link.

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