As noted, Shane McMahon appeared on the latest episode of Sneaker Shopping. In the episode, Shane-O-Mac joined Joe La Puma at Flight Club in NYC and discussed his long documented love for Air Jordan sneakers, how his bad boy persona compares to that of a young Michael Jordan in the '80s and more. They sent us these highlights:

Wearing Air Jordans during his return:

"I was wearing the Chicago [1s]. It just was very organic. I just put them in my bag and said I'm just to wear these and rock a suit and see what happens."

Michael Jordan:

"The Jordans and the (Nike) Dunks came out right around the same time. I liked what Jordan was doing. It really related to me. He was kind of the bad boy if you will, and that just resonated with me."

Vince McMahon's sneaker game:

"He has the old school Stan Smith, and that's coming back to retro. What's old is new again. He had them in 1970."

If he would wear John Cena's signature K-Mart sneakers:

"Those are John's. I plan on wearing my own. If he wanted me to (wear them), yeah sure. He's the face that runs the place. He's on SmackDown Live. Whatever he needs done. But again, I'm more partial to the (Jordan) 1s."

If he has any sneaker competition with Enzo Amore:

"No, not at all. My collection is way better. Enzo will even say that."

Kanye West's $6,000 sneaker resell prices:

"I like his music."

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