- Cody Rhodes recently appeared on Straight Shoot, which you can watch in the video above. During the interview, Cody revealed that WWE took his Network credentials, and he didn't create a new account.

"Of all the other legal things I figured they would hit first, one of the first things they took away was my Network credentials," Rhodes said (h/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription). "I'm now stealing Claudio's [Cesaro] Network credentials. He knows I'm stealing, I'm borrowing, Claudio's network credentials."

- Just a reminder that Rhodes will be working his first post-WWE match this Friday night against Zack Sabre Jr. in Joppa, MD. You can get more information at EvolveWrestling.com.

- Bryan Revello of NYSportscene.com has a story here about wrestling announcer / personality Larry Legend, who discussed his time with MCW, his ROH departure, a touching story on the fall and rise of the Human Tornado and more. He also discussed working with Gabe Sapolsky in Dragon Gate USA.

"Gabe is by far the most difficult promoter that I ever, ever had the pleasure or displeasure in some cases to work for," Larry said. "He demands perfection. He yells and screams if there is any kind of error and a lot of the time at the end of the shows I would be like, well really I don't want to work for this guy ever again but he often would kind of like apologize by the end of the show too about blowing up so a lot of times when I would be working with him and he would just be totally irrational, you know, and totally disrespectful to me, it would be followed up at the end of the night with, Listen Larry, I know I kinda went off on you there but you gotta just understand I've got a lot of money [riding on this]."

- Ring of Honor sent us the following this morning:

Details of Agreement

(BALTIMORE, MD) In a coordinated announcement, Ring of Honor Wrestling (ROH), Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) and New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) have pledged to work with each other to create a superior blend of styles and athletes found nowhere else in the wrestling world.

NJPW has had working relationships with ROH and CMLL individually but now ROH and CMLL have teamed and have coordinated their efforts with New Japan Pro Wrestling. What this means for Ring of Honor fans is a continued presence of NJPW stars on selected events like "Death Before Dishonor" on Friday August 19th on PPV and "Field of Honor" from MCU Park in Brooklyn on Saturday August 27th and more CMLL stars appearing on Ring of Honor events as well.

Part of the new agreement, CMLL will be bringing ROH stars to Mexico on an ongoing basis as both companies look to grow their individual brands all over the world. CMLL, which began promoting events in 1933, currently competes in NJPW's annual "Fantastica Mania" Tour every January. ROH hosts NJPW for the annual "War of the Worlds" Tour in May and Ring of Honor was added to NJPW's schedule for "Honor Rising" in February, 2016.

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