Source: F4WOnline

As noted, MVP was one of the former stars that WWE reached out to. WWE had reached out to many former stars over the past couple of months to deepen their rosters following the brand split in July. Only Shelton Benjamin, Rhyno, Jinder Mahal and Curt Hawkins ended up signing, although Benjamin's return was nixed so that he could undergo surgery for a torn rotator cuff.

Dave Meltzer noted in the latest issue of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that talks between MVP and WWE "are now dead." He noted on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that he didn't think that WWE really wanted MVP back that badly.

Meltzer also mentioned on another recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that a lot of the talent that WWE has contacted about returning are not going back because they're doing better by not going back. Meltzer noted Ryback charging $4,500 for indie appearances, and said that he found out what a "pretty significantly pushed person" was making right now in WWE, and that there were wrestlers in TNA - who are getting their money - making more than that person, despite working so few dates.

Meltzer talked about Tommy Dreamer recently turning down an offer from WWE, and said that he knows what Dreamer is charging on the indies and what he was offered by WWE, and the WWE deal was not better for him financially. Not only would he have been making less per date, but he would have also been spending more time and money on the road.

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