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We open up looking at last week's fantastic matches. If you didn't tune in, I'd advise you go back and watch. Ibushi/Alexander was an instant classic.

Mauro Ranallo and Daniel Bryan welcome us to this week's episode and put over last week's matches. We go straight into video packages for this week's first match.

Akira Tozawa vs. Jack Gallagher

We are reminded of the 20-minute time limit as Akira Tozawa heads to the ring to a nice reaction. Gallagher has gotten over with the Full Sail crowd as he comes out to a nice pop. Don't let the multi-colored trunks fool you. A gentlemanly handshake gets us started.

Early lockup and chain wrestling. Beautiful reversals from the Englishman. Jack applies the Indian Death Lock and teases Tozawa just out of arm's reach to a big pop. Tozawa wins the next lockup and applies a side head lock and takes Gallagher to the mat. Not so fast, as Jack pops right back up. Gallagher just tied Tozawa in a bow and he can't get loose! That's a new one. Gallagher lines up a kick in the corner and literally kicks Tozawa in the behind. That may have been the last straw for the Japanese star as he delivers a series of kicks and strikes that leads to some ground and pound to maintain the upper hand. Senton from Tozawa and covers for a two. The fake right hand into a punch to the temple that knocks Gallagher loopy and to the mat. "Jackie Boy" as the Full Sail crowd has affectionately dubbed Gallagher reverses a double leg takedown and applies a leg submission. Gallagher works over the legs of Tozawa. I love the comedic aspects of Gallagher mixed with the complete seriousness of Tozawa. Big bicycle kick from Tozawa who sells the leg injury as he makes the cover for a two. Heel hook from Gallagher cinched in tightly as Akira writhes in pain. He finally makes it to the ropes to force the break. Tozawa overselling the leg injury which leads me to think it may just be a trap. Indeed I was correct but Gallagher escapes a buzzsaw kick and lands a big headbutt to the chest of Tozawa. Akira hits a German suplex and goes for another. Jack goes for the injured leg and initially blocks, but it's not enough as Tozawa finishes off the suplex and bridges into the cover for the three and the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Akira Tozawa

We head straight into our next match after the commercial break.

Noam Dar vs. HoHo Lun

Once again both competitors out to a nice reaction. Glad to see the crowd's appreciation for all the performers. Another generous handshake leads to the bell. Lots of rope running to start off but Lun finishes it with a spinning heel kick. Snapmare from Lun and delivers a drop kick to the back of Dar's head. Dar then takes Lun's legs out from under him and lands a basement drop kick that sends Lun outside. Action back inside and Dar continues to work over Lun's leg with a variety of submissions. Lun rolls up Dar for the two and follows it up with a swift kick. Crowd getting creative with their chants as they chant "Dar" to the tune of Star Wars. Lun in deep trouble as his leg gets turned all the way to his head. Lun gets some separation and hits a kick and follows it up with a drop kick from the second rope. Driver from Lun for a two. Dar locks in a knee bar and simultaneously repeatedly kicks Lun to the back of the head. Lun has to tap for the Dar victory.

Winner via Submission: Noam Dar

Your main event of the evening is up next pitting two veterans of the squared circle against each other in their second round match.

Tony Nese vs. The Brian Kendrick

Still no handshake dissension as we get started. Kendrick tried to bull rush Nese, but was met with a knee straight to the head. Nese doesn't let Kendrick rest as he follows it up with more strikes. Nese goes for a spring board moonsault but lands on his feet as Kendrick slips out of the way. Outside the ring, Nese escapes an attack via somersault and kicks Kendrick straight in the face. The power of Nese on display early. Nese puts Kendrick into a fireman's carry, but fish hooks Nese's nostrils and strikes him down. The cagey vet sends Nese to the corner and traps his arm into the turnbuckle pad. Nese back in control with a combo of strikes and sweeps the leg for a two. Leaping leg drop for another two. WWE needs to sign Nese yesterday. Kendrick again with the heel tactics as he grabs the Premier Athlete's beard to turn the table. Kendrick locks in an arm bar and wrenches the fingers. The subtleties are ingenious. Nese attempts to throw Kendrick out, but Brian holds on. Moonsault number two from Nese also comes up empty. Kendrick takes advantage with another arm bar and hyperextends the elbow. As the two are locked together, they trade pins and kick out. They finally separate and Nese sends Kendrick outside with a reverse leg sweep. Nese with the huge dive over the top rope with ease and connects. Back in the middle of the ring and they trade forearms. Nese gets the upper hand and goes for a suplex but Kendrick blocks with knees to the head. Nese still able to connect with the Falcon Arrow for a two count. Kendrick with a single leg drop kick and gets a two. Kendrick right back to the arm bar but the powerful Nese lifts up Kendrick and sends him to the corner for a big buckle bomb. Kendrick applies the Bully Choke, Nese reverses, but Kendrick right back into it. Nese turns Kendrick over for a cover and a two. The two resorting to blows in the middle of the ring since the kitchen sink has been thrown. Multiple headbutts, kicks, and more that result in Nese finally going down. Kendrick heads to the top but is met by an upper cut and repeated kicks to the face and falls to the ground. Nese heads to the top for his 450 splash but comes up empty. Kendrick immediately capitalizes and applies the Bully Choke and Nese taps nearly immediately. Great showing by both guys there.

Winner via Submission: The Brian Kendrick

The second round continues next week with Lince Dorado vs. Rich Swann, Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Drew Gulak, and Johnny Gargano vs. TJ Perkins. Sounds like another great one.

Thanks for joining our coverage of tonight's Cruiserweight Classic. See you all next week!

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