As noted, WWE announced on Wednesday that Jose Rodriguez, a.k.a. Alberto Del Rio, and his real-life girlfriend Saraya-Jade Bevis, a.k.a. Paige, have both been suspended for 30 days for their first violations of the company's Wellness Policy.

Oddly enough, in both cases WWE announced that the suspension would be effective the day after the announcement, which is today. This is the first time that has ever happened, as WWE suspensions have always been effective from the time that they are publicly announced.

Yesterday was Paige's 24th birthday, and if the suspension was purposely meant to fall on her birthday, they still could have started the suspension effective immediately. As seen with Roman Reigns, WWE knows of the suspension days before they're announced, so they pick the day to go public with them. Thirty days from today is Saturday, September 17th, and there is a SmackDown live event that night in Springfield, MO. That is scheduled to be Del Rio's return date, however he still would have been able to make the show if the suspension was effective yesterday. There were also no WWE live events yesterday which would have necessitated the suspension taking place today.

Del Rio is listed on's "Events" section for SmackDown live events starting with the September 17th show in Springfield, MO. He reportedly has an out-clause in his contract for September.

Paige has been out of action since late June with back and shoulder injuries. She is part of the cast for the sixth season of Total Divas. No premiere date has been officially announced for the sixth season, although E! did state that it would return this fall.

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