As seen above, this week's sitdown interview with Michael Cole features AJ Styles. Below are highlights:

* Cole asks why AJ is obsessed with SummerSlam opponent John Cena. AJ says he's obsessed with why Cena is still here. AJ says Cena has done a lot but he has other things going on. AJ says it looks like he's not going to get rid of Cena but he will make Cena despise WWE when he beats him

* Cole asks if AJ is jealous of what Cena has accomplished in WWE and out. AJ admits Cena has done great things but says he done all that while AJ was somewhere else. AJ wonders if Cena would have had the same success if AJ was in WWE. AJ says he's not jealous, he's angry. He's better than Cena and says Cena is good but not phenomenal

* Cole asks what has happened to AJ since he arrived in WWE, what happened to the humble AJ. AJ brings up politics and how nothing ever really happens when politicians make promises. AJ says maybe that's what happened with him, not everything he said was a lie but some of it. AJ says there are things he wants and you have to be a little selfish to make it in this business. Cena says the future goes through him but AJ says he lives in the present and SummerSlam is now. He wonders what Cena's future will look like when he beats him at what he loves to do the most, in front of a sold out crowd at SummerSlam

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