As seen above, AJ Styles was interviewed by Myles from The #Trending20 that airs Weeknights 7-10pm on 104.4 Virgin Radio Dubai. In this brief WWE 2K17 Launch Party interview, AJ Styles discusses what he likes and does not like about being in WWE 2K17,

* In discussing WWE 2K17, Styles says his hair looks great in the game but does not agree with his rumored 89 rating. Styles does not blame 2K Games, as they were not aware of how phenomenal he is and perhaps they can create a patch to bump it up in the 90's at least. Styles also wants his new attire and new jacket in WWE 2K17.

* Styles said he barely made it onto this years edition of the game. However, Styles is not sure if his buddies Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson from The Club made the roster cut for WWE 2K17.

* On his SummerSlam match with John Cena, Styles says he is almost hungry to beat up Cena. Styles praises this years SummerSlam card, claiming it is the best one he has ever seen. In a quick fire question round, Styles believes Dean Ambrose, Finn Balor, and Randy Orton will win their respected matches at SummerSlam.

* Towards the end of the interview, Sheamus interrupts and points out the similar hairstyles of AJ Styles and interviewer Myles. Sheamus picks Styles' conditioned hair as the better of the two. Before leaving Sheamus points out that Styles is buying drinks after SummerSlam, which the Phenomenal One says for their misfortune will be Diet Coke's. Styles jokingly suggests a new WWE Network show, "AJ Styles' Styles".

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