As seen above, Brian Fritz of Between the Ropes spoke with Sasha Banks at the WWE 2K17 Launch Party.

AJ Styles talks his fandom for Bill Goldberg, WWE 2K17, his favorite moment so far in WWE, Kenny Omega's performance at the G1 Climax, Y2AJ t-shirts, facing John Cena at SummerSlam and much more.

* In the beginning of the interview, AJ Styles gets excited seeing Goldberg across the room, as he has never met him before. Despite Styles lived a county away from Goldberg, he still has never met him. Styles did meet Goldberg later in the day, as you can see by clicking here.

* Styles claims his son is more excited than he is in being playable in WWE 2K17, even with himself being thrilled about it.

* Styles says he really loves Sting both as a wrestler and a person. Himself and Sting are two guys he says you never thought you would see in the WWE.

* In terms of his early run in the WWE, Styles is most pleased with his Royal Rumble debut. Styles wonders if he can ever top that moment.

* Interesting enough, Styles still owns some Y2AJ t-shirts in his house, even the one Chris Jericho shoved in his mouth on an episode of RAW.

* Styles says brothers Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows being drafted separately to RAW is a great opportunity for them to do something special. Styles said he did not see The Club breakup happening, with how sudden it was. However, Styles says himself, as well as Anderson and Gallows, will make the best of their group's break up.

* Styles says the cream will rise to the crop in referring to his opportunity to have high level matches and programs with wrestlers like John Cena. Styles wants to make SmackDown the flagship of the company. Another goal of Styles is too be the reason the WWE gets better, especially with this opportunity being on SmackDown.

* Speaking on Kenny Omega, Styles says he was always capable of doing the great things he is doing. Omega recently became the first Westerner to win the G1 Climax. Styles texted Omega how proud he was of him, despite himself wanting to accomplish the same thing.

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