As you can see above, Goldberg was interviewed by Xavier Woods on his YouTube channel UpUpDownDown.

During this WWE 2K17 Launch Party interview, Goldberg talks with Woods about the new generation of WWE superstars paving the way, wrestling the Undertaker, filming the WWE 2K17 trailer, and more.

* Woods opens the interview telling Goldberg that he was in attendance at the Georgia Dome for his World Heavyweight Championship match victory against Hulk Hogan. Woods says Goldberg received the loudest pop he had ever heard.

* In discussing WWE 2K17, Goldberg says he is honored to virtually wrestle current wrestlers such as Woods. Goldberg specifically says he would like to kick the Undertaker's ass. Later Woods brings back up the Undertaker match, this time for WrestleMania 33, instead of virtually in WWE 2K17. Goldberg responds who knows and for now you can play it in the game.

* Goldberg tells Woods that he is a big fan of his work and that he is carrying the torch for the WWE. Woods responds telling Goldberg that guys like him paved the way for wrestlers growing up in Atlanta.

* Woods asks Goldberg about recreating his famous WCW entrance for the WWE 2K17 pre-order trailer, specifically if it took long hours to film. Goldberg responded that it was an easy and short shoot for the trailer, as everyone at 2K Games were so great to work with. Goldberg said creating the trailer was very nostalgic for him.

* Goldberg says hearing thousands of fans chanting his name in promoting WWE 2K17 has made him want to rip his shirt off, bang his head against the wall, and hit someone.

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