As noted, Seth Rollins appeared on ESPN's First Take to promote WWE SummerSlam and his WWE Universal Championship match with Finn Balor. See above for the video.

In addition to discussing his upcoming match with the Demon King, Rollins discussed putting The Rock through a table, wanting to be on Ballers, the public's perception of the WWE, and much more.

Rollins opened the segment telling stars of the show Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman how big of a fan he is, as he has been watching the show for years.

First Take's Stephen A Smith gives Rollins a history lesson in referencing former WWE legends like Macho Man Randy Savage, the Road Warriors, and Dusty Rhodes. Smith then asks what it is like for Rollins to try to fit the shoes of those WWE legends. Rollins says he is honored to be in the same breath of those legends, but wants to fill his own shoes, instead of filling theirs.

Rollins feels there is a mutual respect between the WWE and UFC, as "they know what we go through and we know what they go through as athletes and people that are constantly trying to keep themselves healthy and in shape." Rollins believes McGregor may be the exception.

Rollins defends and speaks highly of himself citing his quick recovery from knee surgery, wrestling over 200 matches a year, and being very athletic. Rollins does believe it is taking time for the general public to understand that WWE superstars go through all the same injuries and rigors that a regular athlete goes through. Although the WWE may have brought upon itself some disrespect in the past, Rollins believes currently it is not intentional. The former WWE Champion says things are now changing and people are slowly but surely respecting the WWE.

In addition to Goldberg, Smith then asks Rollins if he would fight The Rock. Rollins says he would handle The Rock and then mocks his catch phrase, "what The Rock is cooking is sweet garbage".

Rollins says The Rock comes to the WWE when he wants to collect a paycheck and is not on the road every week like he himself is. Rollins reminds First Take's Smith of when he put The Rock through a table. However, Rollins would love to appear in a role on The Rock's hit HBO Show, Ballers.

Rollins later talks about the new WWE Universal Championship, which was needed because RAW lacks a title. Rollins claims he called out the Demon King Finn Balor last Monday night to know what he is up against.

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