As you can see above, Daniel Bryan was interviewed by the Gorilla Position in New York City. Daniel Bryan discusses why the fans love him so much, being a commentator for CWC, being the SmackDown GM, filming Total Bellas, and more.

* Bryan was asked why people loved him so much during his run, responding it could be because he is an average guy and people can relate to that.

* On his Cruiserweight Classic (CWC) commentating, Bryan says he is not the best commentator of al time, but he is a decent color commentator given his lack of experience. Bryan claims that the WWE did not have to drag him back to the company for this new announcer gig. Rather, the CWC is what he loves most about wresting as guys get an opportunity that would not have had before.

* On his SmackDown GM role, Bryan says it has its ups and downs. Speaking only on its positives, Bryan loves sitting in the production meetings and seeing how it really works. Bryan also enjoys being able to do the show live with SmackDown, as it is very invigorating.

* Bryan is still finding it difficult to not wrestle, stating, "I'm more athletic now than I was [like] 10 years ago. And I feel like my body feels great, my head feels great, so it's just like oh okay." Bryan pauses and says laughing, "Very frustrating."

* When asked on if he will wrestle again, Bryan says laughingly it depends on who you ask. Bryan explains there is a different answer to the question depending on if you ask him or the WWE.

* On his wife Brie Bella, Bryan says despite not being on the road with the WWE, she is still busy because of her ambition. Bryan compares his ambition to his wife, saying he is lazy and has no ambition. Bryan says Brie and her sister Nikki have higher than normal ambition levels, especially with Nikki trying to match her boyfriend John Cena's level.

* Regarding Total Bellas and living with Cena, Bryan says he never saw him in the house with all of his activities such as learning Chinese or working out. Bryan says he moaned when he was told to live in the same house with Nikki Bella and Cena for four weeks in order to film Total Bellas.

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