As you can see above, Enzo Amore and Big Cass were interviewed by Xavier Woods on his YouTube channel UpUpDownDown.

During this WWE 2K17 launch party interview, Enzo and Cass talk with Woods about Enzo getting free things from companies like Champ Sports, looking at their digital selves in WWE 2K17, and why Cass slaps his knees in their entrance.

- Enzo says it is nice to now get things for free from companies like Champs Sports with struggling for so long. Enzo says if you make tons of money then everyone will start giving you free things.

- Enzo says it will feel better when he actually sees the reveal and his digital self in WWE 2K17. Enzo is curious to what outfit, hair, and shoes he will have in the game, as every week on television he wears something different.

- Cass explains his knee slap in the tag team's entrance, stating he came up with it in the early days of NXT though feeling the audience. Cass saw a handful of people of in the audience imitating it, so he figured to add it to his repertoire.

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