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As noted, Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar were involved in a backstage altercation after Lesnar's match with Randy Orton at WWE SummerSlam this past Sunday night. As noted, Jericho was waiting at the Gorilla Position after the match ended to make sure Orton was OK. Jericho asked Michael Hayes what the finish was supposed to be, and Hayes didn't say anything.

Meltzer noted that the finishes to Lesnar's matches are usually kept very quiet, so very few people knew what the finish was and they didn't want many people to know what was going on. While it was leaked that Lesnar would be winning - as indicated by the betting odds before the show - very few people knew how it would end. Meltzer said that the belief is that Hayes knew the finish, and that it went according to plan except that there might have been more blood than they wanted, but they did want blood for the finish.

When Hayes wouldn't tell Jericho if the finish went as planned, Jericho said, "well that's bulls--t." Lesnar came in just as Jericho said that and thought that Jericho was talking about him, while it might have been about Hayes not telling him the finish. Lesnar told Jericho something to the effect of "mind your own business" and it got physical, with both men shoving each other. Meltzer said that Lesnar taunted him and called him "a bunch of names that could probably get him into trouble if it came out."

They got tangled up and Triple H quickly broke it up. They got into it again and Vince McMahon broke it up, yelling, "It was a work! It was a work!" Triple H told Vince that Lesnar was the one who started it, and it ended there. As noted earlier, Orton then came backstage and told Jericho that he knew what was going to happen. Meltzer noted that Lesnar's job was to cut Orton open, which happened.

It was added that there likely won't be any repercussions for either Lesnar or Jericho.

You can check out the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio by clicking here. Lesnar's former "Team Lesnar" teammate, Matt Morgan, shared his thoughts on the incident on last night's episode of the Wrestling Inc. podcast, which you can check out below at the 48:00 mark:

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