WWE spoke to Finn Balor less than an hour after he relinquished the WWE Universal Championship, as seen in the video above. Below are some highlights:

* Balor called the last 24 hours between SummerSlam and RAW "a bit of a whirlwind." He said sitting in the same area as the day before and the difference in energy "is quite astonishing."

* He knew that it was a serious injury when the accident happened, and he felt his shoulder dislocate. He instinctively put it back in place and finished the match. He said that it might have come out again during the match, but he wasn't sure.

* He said he didn't get to sleep after SummerSlam. He was up at 4:45am, and his wake-up call was 5:55am to go to Good Morning America. He said he thought that making the appearance would be a sign for him that he could fight through it and rehab it for a few weeks. He said that while he was at Good Morning America "feeling sorry for [himself]", he bumped into someone that had no arm, and he said that put everything into perspective. He said that in 6-7 months he'll have his arm back, but the other person won't and that made him realize that it was just an injury.

* Balor said that he will get better and he will bounce back, it will just take a little time.

* He went to the hospital with Dr. Robinson and had an X-Ray which came back "pretty OK." An MRI however revealed a complex labrum tear. At that point, the writing was on the wall and he knew he wouldn't be working on RAW.

* He said that walking to the ring on RAW was a weird feeling because it felt good carrying the title and deep down he was "joyful" to be carrying the title to the ring. He could see the smiles in the crowd, and he could see his parents in the crowd. He got a little emotional on the ramp. He doesn't know how the entrance looked on TV, but he couldn't do any of the arm motions but it might have been more unique since all the fans were doing it.

* He said that it really set in after he relinquished the belt and came back through the curtain. He said it was when the fairy tale ended and it became a reality that he was injured, not the champ and headed for surgery today and will be out for six months.

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