- Ballers, featuring The Rock, averaged 1.32 million viewers for its airing this past Sunday night, up 9% from last week's 1.21 million. The second season has been growing in viewership every week since its premiere.

- The Federalist has an article here looking at 12 reasons why Ballers proves that The Rock should be the next President of the United States, below are a few:

1. He started from the bottom, and now he's here and by "here" we mean KILLING THE GAME.
2. He could handle our national security ALL ON HIS OWN.
3. He knows how to treat a lady. He's supportive of his girlfriend's career even if it means they will be physically separated.

- Forbes has a mixed review for the first 5 episodes of Holy Foley at this link. It listed Noelle Foley pursuing a WWE career as one of the highlights of the show, but was down on the rest of it.

- WWE RAW General Manager Mick Foley commented on his Facebook on The Miz's rant to Daniel Bryan on last night's Talking Smack. You can check out his post below:

The Miz is rightfully the talk of the wrestling world after his career best promo on #TalkingSmack last night. Take a look youtu.be/8d4SLA4HYp0
and tell me what you think. To me, it was so powerful that halfway through, I realized I could never make the Miz the butt of a joke again. Not only would it not be funny, but I would lose credibility by trying to mine the wrong source for laughs. The Miz has slowly, but steadily become one of the best IC champions the #WWE has seen in a long time. Last night, he stated his case in a more abrupt way; eloquent, angry and completely believable.

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