Source: F4WOnline

Former WWE and WCW star Lance Storm was on Wrestling Observer Radio this week. During the episode, Storm discussed Finn Balor's injury at WWE SummerSlam and noted that the reliance of "holy sh-t, oh my God!" moves are leading to a lot more injuries.

"When you're throwing someone backwards at stuff who is partially obstructed... I've seen guys, if you come a little short, they bang their head on the barricade, too high you hit your back and fold yourself the wrong way," Storm said.

Storm said that by watching the replays, it looked like Finn was coming up a little short and he reached back with his arm to take the top of the barricade to try to help catch himself, which led to the injury. Storm noted that both Finn and Rollins are good enough to have great matches without these kinds of high risk moves.

Storm noted that he wasn't a fan of Rollins' buckle bomb, and said that there is too small of a margin for error.

"When your moves have a high risk but the risk is on you, I don't mind it as much," Storm noted, citing Tommy Dreamer as an example of someone who took a lot of risks, but that he was always putting himself at risk. "But when you're throwing guys backwards, the risk is all on him and I don't like stuff like that. I didn't like it when Sting took the buckle-bomb, and I don't like it when other guys take the buckle bomb."

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