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Rob Leigh has a great in-depth interview with Zack Sabre Jr., who advanced to the quarterfinals of the Cruiserweight Classic on this week's episode. Below are some highlights:

Being in the WWE Cruiserweight Classic:

"To be included in the tournament, [WWE] were obviously fans of the way I wrestled. But to their full credit, it is a huge... 'gamble' is the wrong word... it is an open-minded, expressive way for a company that only utilizes contracted talents to bring in lots of independent, freelance guys.

"I can hand on heart say they couldn't have been more encouraging to everyone to wrestle and portray themselves in the light they want to. There's been real free reign with that. I feel I've been able to wrestle exactly the way I enjoy doing so."

His experience with WWE:

"I only have positive things to say about the experience and I'm really enjoying working at WWE's production levels. The way I wrestle is very much for a live crowd, the experience of being part of such high levels of production and the staff at the Performance Center, I really feel like it is accentuating what I'm doing. Hopefully people will see more of who I am as a wrestler."

The finals of the CWC:

"I believe that [Kota] Ibushi is on the other side. And as much as that's the most heralded pick, it would be fate to some degree because we've been scheduled to wrestle each other so many times over the years in Germany and England but it has just never happened. Part of me likes that a match that should have happened on the British indies could happen for the first time in a WWE ring."

Much more is contained in the interview, including Zack talking about planning to move permanently to the U.S., suffering an injury before the Cruiserweight Classic, not necessarily wanting to be famous and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

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