- Wrestling Inc. reader Kyle Bryant passed along the video above of a Kevin "Steen" Owens profanity-laced promo in PWG from a few years ago where he had actually proclaimed himself "the champion of the Universe."

"Where's my belt?" Owens asked. "I don't need a Goddamn belt, I made this place. I'm the champion of the Universe!"

You can check out the promo above, please note that it contains A LOT of strong language.

- Long-time Owen critic Jim Cornette has been receiving a lot of tweets asking him about Owens winning the WWE Universal Championship on last night's RAW. Cornette responded:

As noted, Cornette had discussed Owen's current WWE run and their problems in Ring Of Honor on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast last year.

"[Owens] is fulfilling his potential now because he has changed the way he thought about being told to do things by his employer," Cornette said. "I always knew he had the talent to [be successful in the WWE]. Christ, we made him the Ring of Honor World Champion for a year. He was undefeated. But the problem is, I didn't think he had the attitude to do it. When we asked him to lose weight, when we asked him to take time off and come back with a different look and a different push, when we asked him to do a match a certain way or anything a certain way, there was so much argument and push back and refusal and not producing any of those things, et cetera, that I thought, basically, when he went to Florida [NXT], either he, the WWE, or both, would need a psychiatrist within 90 days.

"But, he, apparently, he is never going to be svelte, and we didn't want that, we wanted him to not be obese, to lose a little weight and he [has] done that. His [ring] gear may not look any more professional, but at least it is cleaner. And what's more, he, apparently, is doing what he is asked to do instead of going into business for himself or arguing about anything, whether it be inside of the ring or outside of the ring".

Cornette had also discussed his problems with Sami Zayn, French-Canadians in wrestling, the changes in pro wrestling and more, you can check out William Windsor's article on Cornette's podcast appearance at this link.

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