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Thanks for hanging out with me for tonight's NXT. We kick off in the training room with Samoa Joe where a trainer says he found additional injuries on top of his dislocated jaw and will not be clearing Joe for contact tonight or anytime soon.

Tom Phillips and Corey Graves welcome us to this evening's episode and we head straight to the ring.

Tye Dillinger vs. Buddy Murphy

Dillinger remains over at Full Sail as they give Buddy Murphy a solid rating of "ONE." To hurt his feelings even more, they dock him to a zero as the two trade headlocks. Snapmare take down from Murphy and gives himself a ten and gloats a bit to Dillinger's chagrin. Dillinger fights back with a take down and rightfully gives himself a perfect ten after "the world's worst cartwheel" according to Corey Graves. Dillinger tosses Murphy to the apron, but the Aussie catches himself and sends Dillinger straight to the mat via man bun. Murphy sends the perfect ten to the outside off an Irish Whip. Back in the ring, and Murphy hits a sweet double knees to the face of Dillinger as we head to break.

Back from break and Murphy remains in control. Dillinger tries to send Murphy to the outside but catches himself. Murphy goes for a move from the top rope but is met with a gut shot from Dillinger. Tye sends Murphy to the corner and stomps a mud hole in him. Murphy initially counters the Tye Breaker, but Dillinger able to grab Murphy for a second try and the Tye Breaker connects. Dillinger picks up the win and has successfully pinned both former tag champs.

Winner via Pinfall: Tye Dillinger

Backstage with Tommaso Ciampa being interviewed after it being revealed that Gargano will be out for at least a short amount of time due to his leg injury. Ciampa is attacked from behind by The Revival and the action spills all the way out to the ring. Dash and Dawson continue the beat down on Ciampa as officials try to break up the skirmish. No flips, just fists, indeed. Scott Dawson takes the mic and say that they are reality and Ciampa just faced reality. Ciampa crawls back in the ring and The Revival delivers a Shatter Machine to end the segment.

After a recap of the last segment, we go back to the ring for singles action.

Steve Cutler vs. Kenneth Crawford

Cutler starting to get a bit more time on NXT TV and the former US Military member shows a mean streak. Crawford in with generic music but a great look and athleticism. Cutler with a lot of ground and pound early with Crawford showing his agility by reversing a back body drop. Sweet running shooting star press by Crawford and gets the crowd behind him. Cutler boots Crawford into the corner and sets up a big Fisherman's Driver variation for the three and the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Steve Cutler

Backstage with Hideo Itami talking about his GTS to Austin Aries in Brooklyn. A couple one-liners from the Japanese superstar. Itami says if Aries doesn't want to feel pain, then he needs to get out of his ring. If he doesn't he'll make Aries "go to sleep" again.

We look back at NXT Takeover Dallas with Shinsuke Nakamura and Sami Zayn. Nakamura will celebrate his title win from Brooklyn later tonight.

Another "Sanity" vignette for an upcoming superstar. Also get a look at TM61's time in NXT so far to build them up.

No Way Jose vs. Angelo Dawkins

Call me crazy, but Jose is growing on me, and I actually really like Dawkins as well. A guy who is perfect for an enhancement match but will eventually be released from lack of use and under-utilized potential. Jose actually dancing along a bit with Dawkins' entrance. Some athletic swings and misses off the Irish Whips after a series of tie ups. It's not a good Angelo Dawkins match until a headband flies off. Right on cue, Jose delivers the baseball pitch and off goes the headband. Jose gets the three count off a Full Nelson Slam and the fiesta ensues.

Winner via Pinfall: No Way Jose

Backstage with Andrade "Cien" Almas who is quickly interrupted by Austin Aries who says he is tired of being disrespected even after his win at Takeover. Almas speaks some espanol and Aries says he forgot his Rosetta Stone and needs English. Almas says he wants Aries in the ring next week. Aries walks away and says he couldn't here Almas because of his bad ear.

Straight back to the ring for women's division action featuring NXT's Jersey girl.

Liv Morgan vs. Aliyah

Morgan out to a nice Full Sail pop and Aliyah out with new theme music and "Cat Woman" type gear. Aliyah in control early but Morgan catches her with a head scissors take down. Drop toe hold takes Aliyah to the ground but is short lived as Aliyah sends the Jersey Girl into the corner with a cross body variation. Aliyah goes for the pin but Morgan is under the ropes and the official breaks it up. Aliyah applies a unique submission that is a bit of a cross of a Kimoura and a head scissors. Liv gets out of the hold and hits a pretty hefty drop kick followed up by a clothesline and gets hyped up. Liv Morgan hits a spin kick for the three and the win. A bit sloppy and the crowd needs some time to get used to the new influx of female talent.

Winner via Pinfall: Liv Morgan

Backstage with No Way Jose. He talks about his win and says not only does he have the hair, he has the heart of a lion. Bobby Roode interrupts, looks up and down at Jose, and shares the compliment of "nice head" and walks off.

Asuka returns next week and will have an exclusive interview with Tom Phillips. Hope Phil brought his Rosetta Stone unlike Aries.

Shinsuke Nakamura enters the Full Sail Arena ring to an enormous pop to discuss his championship match and his newly acquired hardware. Crowd seamlessly transitions from a "Nakamura" chant into a "you deserve it" chant, which was rather impressive.

Nakamura said he accomplished all he could in Japan and wanted to face the best. He beat the best NXT had to offer in Sami Zayn, the Icon Finn Balor, and Samoa Joe to become the new NXT Champion. Nakamura says he has won championships in the past, but this NXT Championship means the most. Shinsuke says the era of Samoa Joe is over, and we are now in the era of Strong Style. Nakamura celebrates with the crowd as we head off the air.

Thanks for joining us for WWE NXT. See you next week!

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