Tonight's Impact opening. The Hardy home in unison singing "Obsolete" starts the show.

In the "Impact Zone". The Miracle Mike Bennett is introduced and he is headed to ringside with his wife Maria. Highlights are shown of Mike Bennett's open inivitation battle royal victory. Bennett says that all the fans believe in The Miracle movement. He says it is here to save TNA and tonight, He will complete that mission when he becomes TNA World Champion. Bennett calls himself the best wrestler on the planet and states that he surrounds himself with the best talent. He points out his wife Maria in the ring and also mentions Moose. The Miracle says that Lashley is trying to cause a rift between he and Moose and he calls him out to settle their issues.

Instead of Moose arriving. Bobby Lashley comes out to the ring instead. He tells Bennett that Moose isn't coming out because he doesn't want to have anything to do with him. Lashley says he is confident that he will beat Bennett tonight and lists off all the wrestlers he has beaten. Lashley is sure that he is going to destroy The Miracle. Bennett tells Lashley that he is over confident. Lashley makes tonight's world title match a no DQ match just to prove how confident he is in being able to defeat Bennett. The Miracle says that Lashley is jealous of Moose. Lashley tells Mike that he has been in contact and knows that Moose is unhappy with him and hints that maybe he has offered him a title shot not to get involved in their main event. An angry Bennett states that Moose is loyal to him and will do what ever he demands.

Out comes Moose to confront Bennett and Lashley. Moose finds it funny that everyone is talking about him. He gets the crowd to chant Moose.... Moose says that he lets his actions do the talking. He says he didn't go to dinner with Lashley last week. A happy Bennett says that this proves that Moose is on his side. Bennett says that we are going to run this place. Moose takes exception with Bennnet saying "WE". Moose declares that tonight, He will decide who wins the TNA championship match.

Up next is Matt Hardy vs Crazzy Steve as the show goes to it's first commercial break.

As we return from the break. Highlights are shown from the conclusion of last week's Galloway-Carter main event. Josh Matthews says that we will hear from Galloway ater tonight and he will explain his actions towards Aron Rex.


"Brother Nero" accompanies Matt to the ring while Crazzy Steve has arrived alone.... Both Matt and Steve start the match exchanging bites. As Crazzy Steve gets the advantage in the ring. The crowd chants "Broken Hardy" to try and get Matt to rally. Matt rallies and the fans start chanting "Delete". The action goes to the outside of the ring and then back inside. Matt Hardy hits a side effect for a 2 count. The action resorts to a lot of scratching and clawing between the two. When Steve gets knocked to the outside. Brother Nero starts to beat on Crazzy Steve with his own boot. Steve is then thrown into the ring and Matt hits the twist of hate for the victory.


Post match, Crazzy Steve is on the mat with a mic laughing. He calls out to "Matthew" and calls him blind. Steve says he came out alone but Decay is everywhere including The Hardy estate. Steve says that Maxel is no longer Reby Sky's baby but Rosemary's. Matt storms off with his brother, presumably to go home to check on his son.

Promo package airs hyping tonight's Ultimate X Championship competitors and tonight's gauntlet match.

Back from the break. The Matt Hardy narrated Bound for Glory PPV ad airs.

Highlights are shown of Crazzy's Steve's comments in the previous segment. Matt is backstage with Jeff and he tries to call his wife at home with his "video interface". Matt is unable to reach her. Matt summons Vanguard One to scan the Hardy estate. The scanning reveals that in Maxel's bedroom is Rosemary.



DJ Z and Trevor Lee are the first two competitors to start the match. The commentators go over the gauntlet rules. The X Division Title is hanging high above the center of the ring. The entry of the competitors is a blind draw. Seesaw action back and forth between Trevor Lee and DJ Z. The countdown clock starts and out comes Andrew Everett. 2 members of The Helms dynasty in the match, who can now work together if they choose. Z tries to fight them off but The dynasty gets the upper hand. They struggle to communicate about which one of them should go up and get the title. As Lee and Everett are arguing. The countdown clock starts and out comes Mandrews. He comes out on fire and takes out both Lee and Everett and starts to climb. He gets to the cable and starts to glide towards the center of the ring. Everett climbs to the top rope to stop him and Mandrews hits a huracanrana on him and follows that up with a moonsault. As the show goes to break.

As we return from the break. All the competitors are currently laid out. Josh Matthews announces that during the break, Braxton Sutter entered the match. Rockstar Spud is out next and with everyone out. He attempts to climb and get the X title to win the match. Sutter rises and thwarts Spud's attempt with a body slam off of the top. The action spills to the outside. Mandrews dives over the top rope onto his competitors. Everett follows with an impressive looking moonsault over the top rope, This is followed by DJ Z launching himself onto everyone at ringside. Frantic action ensues when all 6 men get back in the ring. In a dizzying array of moves where if you blinked, You'd miss it. Eventually, Rockstar Spud gets a steel chair which, I guess is legal and starts striking his opponents with it. Mandrews flies into the ring and hits a dropkick on Spud. Now both Helms dynasty members are climbing to get the X title. They both start going across the cables to the center. They meet in the middle with both touching the title. Mandrews tries a desperation leap to get to the cable but falls. Both Lee and Everett get a hold out of the title and unstrap it from the cable and it is now hanging. Out of nowhere, DJ Z leaps up in the air and takes the title from them to win the match.


Post match. DJ Z celebrates with the X title and the fans as highlights from the match are shown.

Backstage is EC3. He is talking about what transpired last week on Impact's main event. Carter says his focus isn't on the Galloway-Rex issue but on his world title match at Bound For Glory. As Carter is speaking, He is confronted by Eli Drake. Drake starts trash talking with Carter and says he should focus on their match tonight. Carter and Drake exchange words. Carter interrupts Drake before he can do his Fact of Life catchphrase and tells Drake that he is going to beat him tonight.

Before heading to a commercial break. A hooded Drew Galloway is walking in a dimly lit room. He turns to the camera and says that he is going to reveal what is going on in his head later on but not now.

As we return, Highlights are shown of Allie's unlikely Knockout title win last week on Impact. Josh Matthews touts that the Allie title win got the most YouTube views of any TNA video last week. Matthews says that there will be a championship celebration for Allie later tonight.

Drew Galloway arrives to the ring. He is out to explain his attack on Aron Rex last week. The crowd gives a "Why Drew Why" chant at Drew. Galloway says that he has been asking himself Why? as well. He explains that when he first came to TNA. He came to save the company and talks about how the fans partied with him when he won the title. Galloway says the fans turned their back on him. When they disrespected him and cheered for a referee in Aron Rex instead of him. Drew Galloway says that Rex is trying to be the next Drew Galloway. How he paved the way for how wrestlers should enter TNA. Galloway says that he is Rex's messiah. Drew promises to put Rex in the hospital when he sees him again. Out comes TNA president Billy Corgan to address Drew Galloway and his actions. Corgan says that he has considered suspending Galloway but someone talked him out of it. Drew says that he is disappointed in Corgan. Disappointed in how he went from being a rebel to becoming the establishment. Galloway criticizes Corgan for needing someone to convince him to make decisions. Galloway calls Corgan, Dixie Carter's female dog....... Corgan says that Dixie didn't help him change his mind. Out comes, Aron Rex. He says that he told Corgan not to suspend Galloway. Rex says that they are going to do things his way. He yells "Party Time" and heads to the ring to brawl with Galloway. Rex gets the advantage. He goes to grab a steel chair to hit Galloway with it. Security stops Rex from doing so. While security is pushing Rex away, Galloway rises and attacks Rex. They continue brawling on the rampway until security eventually splits Rex and Drew apart.

Matt Hardy is back on his "video interface" and he is finally able to reach Reby at home. Reby apologizes for missing Matt's call. Matt informs her that Maxel is in danger and that Abyss and Rosemary are potentially on the premises. Matt states that The Crazzy Steve match was just a setup to get him away from his estate. Matt tells Reby to make sure they are safe. Matt gets a Vanguard One update that confirms that Rosemary is in the house. The show goes to break.


Evenly contested match between these two. Some stiff action. Kind of sloppy at times. When Carter starts dominating the match. Drake teases leaving. Carter chases him down and they brawl outside. Back in the ring, Drake gets back in control by hitting a float over DDT with perhaps the worst timing of any TNA wrestler this year. In terms of executing a move in ring. Carter flipped in the air before Drake could even attempt the ddt. To Pope's credit, He tried to cover it on commentary. Clearly both guys not on the same page. Eli controls the next few minutes of the match. Carter rallies late and hits the one percenter for the victory.


Jeremy Borash is backstage talking about Allie's Knockout title win. Allie shows up with balloons and starts talking up her own championship celebration later tonight. She says it's going to be the greatest moment of her life.

Back from the break. Rebecca and Maxel are going into the safe room of the Hardy estate. A mysterious figure appears to be entering the room when Senor Benjamin appears. Senor comes in to check on Reby and Maxel. Reby asks Benjamin to take care of Maxel while she looks for Rosemary.

DJ Z is backstage being interviewed about his X Title victory. DJ Z says it has taken him 4 years to get back to winning the X division title. He says he has gone through a lot of adversity to get to this point. Eddie Edwards comes over to congratulate him. An overjoyed DJ Z closes the segment doing his catchphrase.

New TNA Knockouts Champion, Allie is headed to the ring with balloons in hand. The crowd chants her name. Balloons, champagne and streamers are set up in the ring. Allie says that never in a trillion years would she think that this day would come. Allie thanks the fans for chanting her name. Allie says that she wants to thank her most favorite person in the entire universe. Presumably Maria. Out comes a frustrated former knockouts champ Sienna to confront Allie. Maria comes out and tells Sienna to calm down and take the night off. Allie goes to thank Maria for this celebration. Maria says that this celebration is not for Allie. She calls Allie worthless. She says that she messed up the knockouts division by winning last week. Maria says that the celebration is not for Allie but for her opponent. A saddened Allie tells Maria that she gave all the knockouts the night off and she doesn't understand why Maria is saying this to her. Maria asks Allie to lay down in the center of the ring. She calls a ref into the ring. Maria threatens to fire Allie if she doesn't lay down. Allie is crying as she lays in the ring. Maria calls for the bell and pins Allie to become the new TNA Knockouts champion. Maria then forces Allie to put the championship around Maria's waist. Maria forces Allie to announce her as The new Knockouts champion. Allie is in the ring crying as streamers fall from the top of the arena. Maria leaves the ring with the title and a bottle of champagne.

Moose is pacing back and forth in the backstage area. Mike Bennett approaches him and gives him a pep talk. He brrings up Moose's history of playing in the NFL with Tom Brady. How Moose's job was to protect him. How Tom Brady wasn't fazed by all the deflate talk and how Moose needs to not be affected by what people say. Bennett compares himself to Tom Brady. He says that their relationship is the same. Bennett gives Moose a lead pipe and tells him to do the right thing for him tonight.

Back at The Hardy estate. Reby is searching for Rosemary. She finds her in the house and pulls out a sword to confront her but Rosemary gets away. Reby then goes outside to continue the search for Rosemary. She looks up and sees Rosemary on the balcony appearing to be holding a baby in her hands. She throws the baby off the balcony into Reby's arms. Reby starts to cry thinking it was Maxel. Senor Benjamin appears and presents Maxel to Reby and tells her not to cry. Senor Benjamin tells Reby that he thinks Rosemary left. Reby tells Benjamin that no one comes into her house and threatens her family. She instructs Senor Benjamin to prepare the battlefield for massacre.

Back to the arena. Maria is wearing The TNA Knockouts title. She introduces her husband. Mike The Miracle Bennett.



As to be expected. Bobby Lashley dominates the opening of this match. He is in full control early on. Moose arrives to ringside with a lead pipe as the show goes to break..... Back from the break. The Miracle has turned the tide. No explanation or video highlight on commentary of how we got to this point but so be it. As Mike Bennett starts taunting Lashley in the ring, Bobby fires up and puts Bennett on his shoulders. Maria runs in from behind Lashley and hits him in the back with her brace. Maria gets involved again just a few moments later when she hits Lashley over the head with the Knockouts title. Bennett tries to capitalize on the interference but is unable to pin Lashley. Final sequences of this match. Bobby Lashley gets Mike Bennett up in a torture rack. Bennett fights free but then gets hit with a spine buster by Lashley, Maria attempts to get involved again and distracts Lashley. Bennett hits a cutter for a near fall. The Miracle goes over to Moose to try and get the lead pipe from him. Moose refuses to hand it over to him. Bennett continues to plead with him to no avail. As he turns back into the ring. He is speared by Bobby Lashley and pinned.


Post Match, Mike Bennett is on the mic. He calls Moose a big stupid animal. He directs him into the ring. Bennett starts yelling at Moose and calls him a failed football player. Bennett keeps yelling at Moose. Eventually, Moose snaps and hits the playmaker lariat and lays Bennett out.

Preview video is shown for next week's "Delete Or Decay" battle at The Hardy estate on Impact. As the show goes off the air.

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