The Superstars opening video kicks off the show after the usual WWE signature. The Golden Truth (Goldust & R-Truth) and The Shining Stars (Primo & Epico) make their entrances as Tom Philips and Byron Saxton check in on commentary.

The Golden Truth (Goldust & R-Truth) vs. The Shining Stars (Primo & Epico)

Primo and Goldust lock up to start. Primo pushes Goldust to the ropes. Goldust hits a shoulder block. Goldust hits an Arm Drag. Goldust tags R-Truth in. R-Truth stomps Primo after a modified double Russian Leg Sweep from Goldust and R-Truth. R-Truth hits a leg drop before pinning Primo for a two count. Primo kicks R-Truth before slamming his head into the turnbuckle and tagging in Epico. R-Truth punches both of them before Primo sends him into a drop kick from Epico. Epico punches R-Truth several times. Primo is tagged back in. Primo locks in a headlock. R-Truth fights out of it. Primo grabs the ropes during a pin attempt from R-Truth. Epico is tagged back in. Epico pins R-Truth after a suplex. R-Truth nails a spin kick on Epico. Goldust is tagged in. Goldust hits a pair of clotheslines on Epico. Goldust hits a power slam on Epico. Primo breaks up a pin attempt. R-Truth clotheslines Primo out of the ring before being sent out of the ring by Epico. Epico kicks Goldust. Primo gets back in the ring and runs at Goldust. Goldust hits a spinebuster on Primo. Epico rolls Goldust up for a three count to score the win.

Winners: The Shining Stars (Primo & Epico)

A recap of Finn Balor defeating Seth Rollins to become the first ever Universal Champion at SummerSlam is shown, as well as the announcement of his injury.

Lana introduces United States Champion Rusev as he makes his entrance, followed by the entrance of Jack Swagger.

United States Champion Rusev (w/Lana) vs. Jack Swagger

Rusev strikes Swagger several times to start the match. Rusev then stomps Swagger several times. Swagger eventually knees Swagger in the mid-section. Swagger drives his shoulder into Rusev in the corner several times, before punching him several times as well. Swagger clotheslines Rusev in the corner. Swagger is dumped over the top rope by Rusev, hitting his head on the steel steps in the process as we head into a commercial break.

Rusev stomps Swagger in the corner as we return from the commercial break. Rusev clotheslines Swagger before pinning him for a two count. Rusev slams Swagger to the mat after a brief submission attempt. Rusev connects with a spin kick on Swagger prior to pinning him for a two count. Rusev sends Swagger out if the ring. Swagger climbs up to the ring apron, Rusev punches him. Swagger eventually regains control and gets back in the ring. Rusev attempts to attack Swagger in the corner, Swagger moves out of the way. Swagger clotheslines Rusev in the corner twice before hitting a modified slam. Swagger hits a running clothesline on Rusev. Swagger hits the Swagger Bomb on Rusev prior to pinning him for a two count. Rusev tries to leave, Swagger rolls him back into the ring. Swagger ducks a clothesline attempt from Rusev. Rusev attempts to kick Swagger, Swagger catches his leg and locks in the Patriot Lock. Rusev fights out of it, Swagger rolls out of the ring. Swagger gets back in the ring and eats a kick from Rusev. Rusev locks in The Accolade for the submission victory.

Winner: United States Champion Rusev (w/Lana)

A recap of the main event from RAW is shown to close the show featuring Kevin Owens defeating Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Big Cass to win the WWE Universal Championship with an assist from Triple H.

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