Tonight's show opens with Dario Cueto in his jail cell. Doing chin ups as a guard comes to him and says. "You must have friends in high places". Cueto exits the cell and responds... "You have no idea".
Cueto is leaving prison and getting back his belongings. The prison guard handing Cueto his items is being played by none other than Wayne Ferris. Better known as The Honky Tonk Man. He hands Cueto his belongings. The last of which is The giant key that Cueto uses in The Temple.

Cueto is leaving the prison and a limo pulls up to drive him away. Once inside the limo, Cueto is told by his lawyer that the charges against him have been dropped. Inside the darkened area of the limo is a man who starts speaking Spanish to Cueto. His voice slightly distorted. The man in the dark reaches out with what appears to be an iron hand and tells Cueto "Waste my time again....and your next sentence will be death... Cueto nervously responds by saying that it's time to spread the news that The Temple is back in business.

The Lucha Underground logo is displayed on screen. This is followed by an overhead shot of Los Angeles.
The camera pans over and then into The Temple.

Matt Striker and Vampiro are at ringside and welcome the audience to tonight's premiere episode. Vampiro addresses what happened at the end of last season and says he is no longer anyone's master and that he is just here to do the job of announcing this season.

Dario Cueto is in the ring with his brother, The Lucha Underground Champion Matanza. Cueto says he is out to share some news with the "believers" in The Temple. But first, He is going to announce the main event for tonight. Cueto announces that Rey Mysterio will be in the main event but then is interrupted by the crowd who all guess that Rey's opponent will be Matanza. Cueto laughs and says no. Rey will face the man who tried to break Dario's arm at Ultima Lucha Dos, Pentagon Dark. Cueto makes fun of Vampiro at ringside. Brings up how Pentagon Dark made him bleed and squeal like a pig.

Dario then says, What about my brother Matanza. Cueto says that no one can beat him but might as well let people try. Cueto announces that he has a new concept this season. "Dario's Dial Of Doom". Cueto unveils a roulette type wheel with his name written in blood in the center. Separate luchadore names are listed in the dial of doom. The Mack, Killshot, El Dragon Azteca Jr, Mariposa, Prince Puma, Dr. Wagner, Son of Havoc etc

Cueto will spin the wheel and everyone on the wheel is eligible to face Matanza right now for the title. Dario spins the wheel and it lands on Son of Havoc. That match starts now.



Son of Havoc starts off the match strong by trying to stick and move against the bigger Matanza. Havoc gets him on the outside and hits him with a hanging elbow drop that lands as an intentional low blow. Havoc back in the ring. The momentum on his side. Gets a couple of near falls. Eventually the stick and move game catches up to Havoc. He gets caught by Matanza who starts throwing Havoc all over the ring. He then hits two consecutive moonsaults. After dominating the next couple of minutes. Havoc eventually rallies. He flies onto Matanza on the outside. Then gets Matanza back in the ring and hits a double foot stomp for a near fall. Havoc then applies an arm breaker but Matanza powers out of it and lifts Havoc up in the air and slams him to break the hold.

Havoc continues to impress. He gets several near falls. Hits a great looking moonsault for another close fall. Havoc goes to the air again and gets caught in a swinging power slam and gets pinned by Matanza.


Back from the break. Dario Cueto is in his office. Worldwide Undergound enters his room. Johnny Mundo calls Son of Havoc a D-Bag loser and wants a world title match. Cueto brings up the fact that the last time Mundo was in the ring. He lost the trios title. Mundo says that it was only because of Angelico. Mundo and Worlwide Undergound start laughing when Mundo mentions that they took care of Angelico. Footage is then shown from the night of Ultima Lucha Dos where Angelico was attacked and beaten down and bloodied by WU. Angelico is dragged to Mundo's car and the car door is slammed into Angelico repeatedly.

Cueto tells Mundo that he likes the story but Mundo will still not get a title shot. Mundo says fine. Then give me a match with Sexy Star, Cueto says no to that option as well because Underground lost at Ultima Lucha Dos. Cueto eventually decides to book Taya vs Sexy Star for the gift of the gods tonight.

Back in the arena. Ivelisse is in the ring. She calls out Katrina for what she did to her at Lucha Dos. She talks about how badly she wants to face Katrina at Ultima Lucha Tres. The lights go out and Katrina comes out and accepts the match. The show goes to break.



Matt Striker mentions on commentary that The Gift of The Gods title has never been successfully defended. Both women start the first few minutes of the match mat wrestling. Exchanging submissions and counters. They go tit for tat wrestling wise. Evenly matched. The wrestling then starts turning into a brawl with both hitting each other with stiff shots. Eventually, Worlwide Underground arrives on the scene and they try to interfere but it backfires. Star rolls up Taya for the win.


Post match. Star is attacked by The entire Underground group before the current Trios champs, Aerostar, Drago and Fenix come to her rescue.

Back from the break. Marty The Moth is now in Dario Cueto's office. Marty tells Dario that he wants to conquer the temple. Dario tells Marty that if he wants to conquer, He has to be ready for a war. Cueto tells Marty that he needs to face the man he stole dog tags from. Killshot. Cueto books a weapons of mass destruction match between The Moth and Killshot next week.



Rey Mysterio arrives to the ring wearing the first ever Lucha mask, he ever wore to the ring. The crowd starts a loud lucha libre chant before the action begins. Fans chanted Lucha Libre and that's what they got in the early going. A lucha styled fast paced match with several quick takeovers and takedowns. Rey Mysterio wins the early duel with Pentagon and hits an over the top rope plancha.

Action back in the ring. Pentagon starts changing up his style and hitting Rey with several stiff chops and kicks. The crowd is cheering for both competitors. Pentagon Dark has the momentum now. Hits a sling blade and a superkick for a near fall. Both luchadores get to the top rope. Rey hits a hurricanrana on Pentagon for a close 2 count. Rey then goes for a baseball slide, Pentagon side steps him and slams Rey into the mat on the outside. Rey battles back and hits a swinging tornado DDT to Pentagon on the ringside floor. Rey then brings Pentagon in the ring and hits a top rope splash for a near fall.

Pentagon catches Rey Jr and hits a reverse driver on him for a near fall. Pentagon calls for the finish, Rey counters. He tries to hit the 619 but Pentagon escapes and hits a very stiff superkick. He follows that up with a power slam into a gut buster on Rey for another near fall. Pentagon Dark then goes out to ringside to confront his former master Vampiro. Pentagon taunts him and then gets back in the ring. Vamp then says, I can't be here right now and goes to leave the ringside area.

Meanwhile back in the ring. Rey has recovered and counters a Pentagon powerbomb and hits the 619. Rey then goes to the top and hits a sunset flip piledriver for the victory.


Post match. An angry Pentagon attacks Rey from behind and then attempts to break Rey's arm. Dragon Azteca comes out to save Rey Mysterio Jr and runs off Pentagon.
Azteca had his arm broken by Pentagon in the past and has history with him.

Matt Striker says it's great to be back as the action in The Temple comes to a close.

Prince Puma is shown backstage sitting down with a concerned look. Highlights are shown of Puma's loss to Rey Jr. at last season's Ultima Lucha Dos. Vampiro appears and tells Puma that he knows what he is feeling. Vamp tells Puma that he knows that he is lost and that he needs help. Puma tells Vampiro that he doesn't need his help. Vamp says that he wants to give Puma some advice. Vampiro tells Puma that he hasn't been the same since he lost to Mil Muertes. That Puma hasn't been the same since he lost his mentor Konnan. If Puma wants to get back to who he was. He needs to take out Mil Muertes. Puma responds by saying, he is surprised that Vampiro is not asking him to take out Pentagon Dark. Vamp says this ain't about him. "It's all about you"...Puma ponders Vampiro's suggestion as the show comes to an end.

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