Above is this week's RAW and SmackDown recap with Jonathan Coachman on the ESPN SportsCenter "Off The Top Rope" segment. In the videos below, Coach is joined by SmackDown Superstars Chad Gable and Jason Jordan. The interview was recorded before this Tuesday's SmackDown episode.

Coach asks if they knew they would be drafted earlier this summer. Jordan says he had an idea they would be called up but the moment was surreal. Gable says he was just "cheesing" the whole time. Coach asked about the biggest differences between the WWE NXT lifestyle compared to the main roster. Gable talks about how it's busier than NXT and how they're trying to fit themselves into the new locker room. Regarding adapting to a new schedule and routine, they are both always on the same page and that makes things easier. Coach asks about going from the amateur wrestling big times to the WWE big times. Gable says the crowd involvement is a lot different and they have to let the fans in, which took a long time for them to learn. Jordan continues about how you usually try to block the crowd out during amateur bouts but now they feed off the crowd reactions. Jordan says the crowd makes you almost super-human.

Regarding the American Alpha team coming together, Jordan talks about the storyline where he picked Gable to be his partner and says he knew from the first time they stepped in the ring together, this was it. Gable says they were always clicking, on everything from workouts to traveling. Gable says they have been very fortunate because it's hard to be on the same page as someone else, all across the board. They call it weird kind of scary. Regarding the American Alpha name, Gable says NXT was so competitive and everyone was talking about how the teams were evenly matched but they felt like they were the best and needed to separate themselves, and needed to declare that they were the best. They considered themselves the alphas of NXT at the time and thought the name was perfect. Jordan also pointed to how they've represented America in their amateur days.

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