Source: JR's BBQ

Jim Ross posted his latest blog at Here are some highlights:

Randy Orton being sidelined from Backlash:

"Many fans of Bray Wyatt are making their presence known that they are not pleased with Bray's creative. I feel that Bray Wyatt is a potential main event talent without question but I see him as a character baby face somewhere down the road. The 'fire fly' entrance feels like a fan favorite presentation and that much support makes it hard to motivate a live audience to boo the proposed villain.

"Not sure what's going on with Randy Orton who apparently or so it's rumored has concussion issues but was allowed to make a cameo at Backlash, of which I'm confident was under doctor's care. BTW Orton helping Kane defeat Wyatt did not offend me as it apparently did some fans."

AJ Styles winning the WWE Title:

"AJ Styles is the best, full time, in ring performer in WWE for my money. AJ's win was timely and he was the most 'over' talent on the show. Good booking to make AJ the WWE Champion as he can have superb matches with virtually anyone on the SD Live roster. My only mild complain was that the pace of the AJ-Ambrose match was so fast that the two talents did not make the time to adequately sell some of their dynamic moves. Bottom line is that I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation and felt like it was was the best match that Ambrose has had in WWE."

JR also talks about CM Punk's UFC debut, the repackaging of The Usos, Dolph Ziggler versus The Miz, and more in his full post which you can read here.

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