Source: Notts TV News

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash recently spoke to Iain Chambers of Notts TV News and gave his thoughts on former WWE champ CM Punk making the career change to mixed martial arts (MMA).

Punk took on Mickey Gall at UFC 203 and was submitted by the 24-year-old in the first round of their welterweight contest.

"I did not see the fight but I saw the coverage afterwards," Nash said. "I didn't look like it went very well for him."

When asked if he agreed with Punk's choice to step inside the UFC's Octagon, Nash stated that it is completely Punk's decision.

"That's his decision," Nash said. "37 seems late to get in the fight game. I didn't get a chance to wrestle with him per say, but I got a chance to be out there with him. He seemed very talented, at what we do. It's different, if you're a novice fighter, that was his first fight last night. I don't know how many fights Gall had, like five? Having five fights and zero fights, that's a huge advantage. So -- Oh well. 0-1, I guess he's not the best in the world anymore."

When asked on his thoughts of comparisons between Punk's complaints about The Rock swooping in to take the Wrestlemania headliner spot, and what he is doing now in the UFC, Nash stated the only difference was that The Rock delivered.

"No. Rock delivered. The fact that he came in as CM Punk tells you what they were pushing. They're pushing to a fanbase that he had in WWE. I heard he had a four-fight deal so he has three left.

"I think it's different what we do because we can put people in places, in WWE and sports entertainment. What he did was basically ask for an ass beating. So it's different."

You can watch Nash's full interview by clicking here.

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