Tonight's show opens with a video recap of Dario Cueto's release from prison last week. Then a video package is shown from Famous B's storyline last season. His hiring of Mascarita Sagrada and firing at Ultima Lucha Dos. Where he introduced his new client, Dr. Wagner Jr. This video is followed by last week's meeting between Dario Cueto and Marty The Moth and the reveal of tonight's Weapons of Mass Destruction Match.

After the opening video hyping tonight's show airs. Footage is shown from police headquarters. The footage is labeled as being directly after the ending of Ultima Lucha Dos Part 2. The night where Dario Cueto was recorded murdering undercover informant "Mr. Cisco". Undercover agents, Joey Ryan and Cortez Castro are in a room with LAPD Captain Vasquez and they are listening in to the murder. Once the wire tap recording of the murder ends. Cortez tells the Captain that they have Cueto now for murder and they are going to go arrest him. Captain Vasquez says that the case is bigger than just a street thug getting killed. Which upsets Cortez since Cisco was his friend and tag team partner. Joey Ryan laughs at Cortez for having feelings for Cisco and they start fighting in the room. After a brief and awkward looking scuffle, Vasquez tells "Detective Reyes" that this case is more important than Cortez getting justice. That there is a war coming. An angry Cortez leaves the room as the footage ends.

We are now in the temple. Matt Striker and Vampiro welcome the audience to the show and promote tonight's main event. Striker directs the audience's attention to Melissa Santos in the ring. As Melissa Santos starts the opening match introductions, She is interrupted by Famous B. Famous takes the mic away from her and says Melissa isn't famous enough to introduce his client. Famous B introduces Dr. Wagner as The Surgeon of Suffering and also introduces his nurse Brenda.

Melissa now gets the microphone back from Famous B and she introduces Dr. Wagner's opponent. Former Famous B client, Mascarita Sagrada Jr.


Very quick match. Wagner disrespects Sagrada early on. Mascarita manages to get in one offensive maneuver. A headscissors on Wagner before the doctor grabs Mascarita and hits the Doctor Driver for the victory.


Post match. Famous B gets a stethoscope from Nurse Brenda and checks on Sagrada's heartbeat to see if he is still alive. As the show goes to break.

Back from the break. A vignette airs with the title "A millennia ago". An Aztec child is being rushed into the hut of an old Aztec Warrior. While an Aztec guard waits outside. The young female Aztec is in the hut and calls out to her ailing father. The father tells his daughter that it is too late for him. That his daughter must now lead the fight against the gods. The Aztec father tells his daughter that there is a war coming and that the war is more important than all of them. As he is grasping for every breath, He hands his daughter an amulet that is called The "Piedra Immortal". He says that the amulet's power only works on females. Which is why his daughter must take it. The daughter asks her father what the amulet is and does... The father says that once she becomes a woman. She will never grow old. That she will never die and will be immortal. The father then tells her daughter that even if it takes a thousand years that this war is too important to lose. As the father is dying, His last plea to his daughter is that she understands what he has just told her. After saying no momentarily. The daughter says she understands as her father passes away.

We now go to LAPD headquarters present day. Actually, The night of Ultima Lucha Dos Part III to be exact. Captain Vasquez is shown holding that amulet in her hands and staring at it. The circular amulet is now split in half. As Detective Cortez walks into the captain's room. She quickly hides the amulet. Cortez informs Vasquez that it took a week of work for him but that Dario Cueto is going down for his murder of Mr. Cisco. The captain says that the audio tape of Cisco's murder at the hands of Cueto has made it into the hands of The commissioner's office. Authorities are now on their way to the temple to arrest Cueto. Cortez is pleased with this news that Cueto is headed to jail but Captain Vasquez isn't. She says that Dario was the link to leading them to their true enemies. Vasquez says that Cortez has been in the temple and that he had first hand knowledge of all the secrets in that Temple that Dario has been hiding. Because of Cortez's actions leading to Dario's arrest. Captain Vasquez decides to suspend Detective Cortez from the department. He is told that he can return, only when he gets his priorities in order and decides which side of the war he wants to be on.

Back in the temple now and on to the next match.


Another mostly one sided match on this show. Argenis got in some brief offense but this match was all Muertes. He dominates the action and finishes off Argenis with the flatliner.


Post match. Katrina is in the ring and gives Argenis the lick of death. Prince Puma is on the scene and attacks Muertes. He hits several aerial moves on him. Muertes eventually is led by Katrina away from the ring and arena. The show goes to break as they both retreat.

Back from the break. Footage is shown from what is labeled on screen as being from last week... Dario Cueto is entering his office for the first time after being released from prison. As he looks around, He turns to find Joey Ryan in his room. Cueto is startled and asks Ryan what he wants. Joey tells Dario that he knows that he killed Mr. Cisco. Tells him not to worry because he is a friend. Joey reveals to Dario that he is a cop. Cueto responds by saying "You have some pretty big huevos to come in here and tell me that". Ryan says he wants to be on the side of the war, that is going to win. He wants to be on Cueto's side. Ryan offers to be a double agent for Cueto. Says that he has been covering for Dario all along and that his idiotic partner almost ruined it. Dario curiously asks who Ryan's partner is. Ryan reveals that it is Cortez Castro.... Dario is stunned by this news. Sitting in silence. Ryan extends his hand towards Cueto to seal the deal. Dario asks Ryan why he is doing that. Ryan says he is not doing this out of the goodness of his heart but because he has child support to pay. Cueto hands over Ryan a wad of cash as the scene ends. The camera pans out of Cueto's office and out of the temple.

We are now transported to LAPD headquarters. The time frame being listed as "tonight". Captain Vasquez is in her office as Detective Castro enters to her surprise. Cortez tells Vasquez that he has made a decision and that he wants to be on her side in the upcoming war. Captain Vasquez smiles. She reinstates Cortez and tells him that he is now going back to the temple. As Castro leaves his Captain's room. She goes into her office drawer and looks at the amulet and smiles. Little does Castro and Vasquez know that Dario Cueto has now been informed that Castro is a cop.



The last half hour of tonight's show was dedicated to this wild match. The storyline behind this feud is that Killshot has a family with a military background. He wears his father's military dog tags as a display of honor and to inspire himself. Marty stole those military tags from Killshot and has worn them in a mocking fashion. He even pretended to apologize and give them back only to take them away again.

This weapons of mass destruction match is set up as a military themed match fitting Killshot's character and the storyline. The ring and ringside area is set up with military weapons and objects all around it and inside of it. Warheads, grenades, barracks etc... All spread out around the arena. The crowd was on it's feet for this entire battle.

This was a crazy contest. Very violent. It started with Marty The Moth dressed in military-fatigues. As he made his entrance and paused on the stairs to do a military salute. Killshot attacked him from behind and the chaos ensued. It would take several minutes before a standard wrestling hold was performed or even attempted. Several minutes before both men would even enter the ring. Just a chaotic brawl. Marty is busted open badly by Killshot early on. Crimson Red type bleeding. Killshot grabs a steel chair and throws it full speed right at Marty's head. Which promopts a huge "Holy" chant from the crowd. Marty is cowering and trying to get away from Killshot and pulls ring announcer Melissa Santos in front of him as a shield. Marty escapes back into the crowd as Killshot takes Melissa and puts her out of harms way.

Killshot chases down Marty and what follows is a lengthy battle through the stands. Killshot goes to the air on several occasions to take down Marty. Eventually steel ladders get introduced into the fray and set up along with tables at ringside. The bloody action finally spills into the ring. Marty starts licking his own blood in a creepy way in which only he can. Both men hit high impact moves on each other. Killshot hits a death valley driver on a ladder that is set up from the ring to the barricade separating the audience. Marty eventually rallies and power bombs Killshot from the ring and onto a table at ringside.

Action back in the ring. After some more brawling. Killshot hits a beautiful cradle driver for a near fall. Fans are going nuts chanting "This is Awesome". Killshot looking for a way to end this war. Gets another 20 foot steel ladder and places it in the ring. Marty fights back and sets up two tables beside the ladder in the middle of the ring. Marty taunts Melissa Santos at ringside before he attempts his next step. Marty lays Killshot on one of the tables and climbs to the top of the ladder. As he is climbing, Killshot rises and starts climbing up the ladder from the opposite side. They both meet at the top of the ladder. Marty applies a claw on Killshot and then looks to superplex Killshot from the top of the ladder. As Killshot starts to block the superplex. Out comes Marty's sister, Mariposa to her brother's aid. She climbs the ladder and tries to pull Killshot down. Instead, She gets kicked off the ladder and falls right through the table set up in the ring.

Marty and Killshot exchange strikes now on top of the ladder. Killshot starts winning the exchange and Marty starts to slide down a few rungs of the ladder. As he is doing so, Killshot pulls the military tags off of Marty's neck and reclaims them to a pretty decent sized pop from the crowd. Killshot seated on top of the ladder now. Points his hand towards Marty and gestures a "killshot" and then proceeds to jump off the ladder and double foot stomp Marty through the other table in the ring. Killshot with the pinfall cover and this match is over.


In the post match. Matt Striker gives a shout out to all the service men around the country as he bids a good night to the audience.

Mil Muertes is seen backstage in the locker room repeatedly punching lockers until he knocks them all down. Katrina tells Muertes to stop as he screams that he wants Puma. Katrina tells Muertes that he will get Puma. That he needs to be patient. Katrina says she has waited hundred of years to get what she wants. She then pulls out an amulet that is broken in half as the show comes to an end.


I know that this is a hectic night for wrestling fans that frequent this site. Most of the attention is focused on the CWC tonight and understandably so. We had some technical difficulties with the Lucha Underground recap this evening. I personally want to apologize for that. We here at WrestlingInc normally cover this show live and will do so in the future. So I am sorry about the delay tonight. I have been covering many different wrestling shows for this site the last 2 months. Some WWE but mostly the promotions that don't get quite the hype that the WWE does. Like New Japan, ROH, TNA and Lucha Underground. I appreciate the fans that support these recaps and ask for attention to be placed on these promotions. The higher ups hear you. For those of you who saw this show. This was the most non traditional wrestling TV show, I may have ever covered and that's saying something because I just did Delete or Decay last week. Lucha Underground had it's fair share of action tonight mostly in that final half hour but "The Amulet" storyline that played out tonight was the most drama driven wrestling show, I have ever seen. That's LU's department for sure but still shocking when you sit back and watch it. On a night where the wheel of cruiserweight wrestling is being reinvented and reintroduced to a new generation. LU continues to push the envelope and explore a new way of story telling within a wrestling themed show. It's subjective as to whether or not, That's a good thing. One thing's for sure. It's unlike anything that has been presented before in this genre.

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